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She’s in denial, chief.

December 4, 2006

Yes, indeedy, I am pretending it’s not crunch time.  Right now, after having gone to Curves, I am happily clean after a shower and happily full after eating pasta e fagioli soup.  (It is a joy, that soup; it’s ridiculously filling and takes me FOREVER to eat because I separate the macaroni and beans.  So it’s really the one food that gives me a chance to feel full.)  I’m NOT working on my hypertext project, papers, Power Point presentation, studying Greek, reading Marx, or anything I’m supposed to be doing.  I’m listening to my daughter’s 2006 playlist (another thing that is a joy; it’s got Pretty Girls Make Graves and Islands and Weird Al and Venus Hum and is very light on the pop).  I’m really going to go back to studying Greek and housecleaning in a second, but for right now, I’m just typing and that’s relaxing in its own way.

Last Heroes before the hiatus, then conk out and repeat the process.  I don’t know, everything just seems pretty good right now.  All I have to do is keep working consistently for the next two weeks, and then it’s Makeover (my daughter) and Pie (me) Day.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  I’m going to spend the break doing Greek (yes, he assigned us two papers over the break, and I’m going to pretend to grumble about it, but I think it’s cute somehow), housecleaning, and tracking down the only Jenny Crusie book I’ve never read.  I can get there.  I know I can.  Without being a giant stressball about it.  But it means I have to start…now.

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