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January 30, 2007

One day, I will join a book club.  It will probably be in the summer, when I’m not reading hundreds, if not thousands, of words a week for school.  But until then, I can only listen to other people talk about their book clubs, or watch from afar.  This makes me especially sad because the Jennifer Crusie Livejournal community is going to be trying to do a book club-type reading of Welcome to Temptation, which is definitely in my top three…four…maybe three Crusie books.  (It’s so tough to choose!)

I doubt you guys have any more time than I do, but if you do, and you like “chick lit” or even are a big movie fan (WTT is allll about movie and book quotes), you should check it out.

Will probably be taking Wharton & O’Connor with G.T. Lenard this summer; I’ve only heard good things about her, so I’m getting psyched.
Had an appointment with Lisa Honaker yesterday, Precepting for the Control Freak in All of Us, and made her map out for me exactly what I need to take to be done with this place.  It boils down to: a GIS course, any G course, three 3000-level Litts (including Shakespeare), the next two Ancient Greek classes, and Senior Seminar.  Doesn’t that sound like such a short period of time?  Also, she told me that three classes, not four, is full-time here.  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.  You mean my head didn’t HAVE to explode?  Darn.  Then again, I want to progress through my education as quickly as possible, so I probably wouldn’t have changed anything.  But now I know that if I take a summer course, it will not affect my financial aid during the year.  Or that I can ditch the summer course altogether, but I probably won’t because it fits in with my daughter still going to school.  Everything I do has to fit in with my daughter’s schedule, and for the most part it does, so it’s all good.

Gotta get back to the OED paper.  And by that I mean start it.  Poor Dr J had no voice today, but class went really well despite it.  I have to say, I was surprised.  At first, I thought it was just going to be painful charades, but we broke into groups and looked at form, setting, diction, and syntax in our latest reading.  The chick who sat next to me (that’s Nancy) is from the town “next to mine”–if you know where I live, you’ll get the joke–and just joined at Curves too (27 pounds down in 5 months, go me), so OMG I finally have someone to babble to the whole time I’m there.  Miss Denise deserves a break from me.  Hee.

Yes, I work now.  Work work work.

EDIT: Don’t try to copy and paste whole definitions into Word for later–at least here at school–because Word goes ka-crash.  So much for these past 15 minutes of gathering information.  *sigh*

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