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Book rec

March 21, 2007

Over the break, I read a few books. For me, it was a few. I think it was four, and then the awful [Sophie] Kinsella [novel] drop-kicked across the bedroom.

I reread three Jennifer Crusies, for she makes me happy. Now that I close-read even grocery lists, I’m getting more out of the books than I used to. It should go without saying that I loved them, but I’m saying it anyway because this is a rec thing.

The fourth book I finished this morning: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. One of my favorite books from last year was her Oryx and Crake, but this isn’t…exactly…sci-fi. It’s highly meta, with excerpts from a book within the book itself. And inside that book is a sci-fi story. Are you following me?

It are serious read, we’d say at my house. (We look at a lot of cat macros.) But it was totally worth it. I love that you’re sitting there going “I KNOW, I KNOW” but you need the narrator to say it. To make it real–as real as a book gets. In a world of talk shows where everyone reveals all, this book is subtle. It knows the world it’s in, but it also knows the world that came before, where such things went unsaid.

Boy, did I love this book.

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