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See, the thing about Caxton being only accessible from school…

March 28, 2007

…is that I feel obligated to post something just because I’m here and I can.

So I will tell you about a book.

This book is in that place that’s between “chick lit” and “romance novel”–that is, those romance novels that are actually NOVELS and not Harlequins, etc.  It’s called Natural Born Charmer and it’s by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (often known as SEP).

I would not call myself a fan, but I like some of her books.  There was one that bugged me, with a pregnancy and all that, but this one I enjoyed a lot.  I think you can see the influence among this group of women writers on one another, and that they’re only getting better.  Then again, it could just be that they’re getting more modern, and I’m a modern gal.  In ten years, they could be horribly dated and so on.

Speaking of which, my only nitpick with the book was that it refers to “an old Five for Fighting song.”  I’m almost thirty, the same age as the main character in the book, and I have to say: Is there such thing as an OLD Five for Fighting song?  I see on Wikipedia that they’ve been around for a few years longer than I expected, but it’s not like I, BEING THE SAME AGE AS THE MAIN CHARACTER AND YOUNGER THAN ALL BUT ONE OF THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK, would say “‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ is an old Bowie song.”  (That song, of course, being older than almost every Five for Fighting song.)  Hell, I wouldn’t even say “‘China Girl’ is an old Bowie song.”  You know what’s an old Bowie song?  “Space Oddity.”  But if you’re talking in terms of career length, I still wouldn’t say “an old Tegan and Sara song.”  I’d say “It’s an older song,” or “It’s off the first album” or something like that.  Just a nitpick.

On the other hand, in terms of other bands mentioned, I was down with that.  The world can always use more Wilco references.  (Except maybe the one in Hex and the Single Girl–which is better than it sounds–when the main character buys A Ghost is Born on Halloween, but that might just be a flippant comment, an excuse to get the CD.)

This book is just good romance, but I was particularly into it because I’m the daughter of a dark-haired flake of a musician.  Couldn’t relate to the groupie mom though; my mother’s nothing like that.

Oh, one more nitpick, but not about the content: the cover sucks.  I am so sick of bad covers.

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