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April 5, 2007

Caxton was down last night, which was probably for the best, because my Big Big Post had to wait anyway.  I got knocked on my rear end by my short story paper.  I had all these notes (4 pages of ’em!) and that thing where you write down very clever things that come to mind knowing you’re going to insert them into the paper at some point.  But they weren’t coming together, and I could not figure out why until about halfway through the day.  Basically, I had analysis theses (TWO OF THEM!) and nothing very close-ready.  The two were butting heads, trying to come to the surface.  “Choose me!” they were saying.  “But you require a lot of knowledge about John Lennon!” “But you need me to find my copy of the Communist Manifesto!” (I took Philo.  I’m not a Pinko.  Lawl.)

So then I did what any good student does when they’re stuck: procrastinated.  This is a good thing because now all my dishes are done, and I was turning around in my head a new idea.  Something…oh, I dunno, that ACTUALLY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH CLOSE READING.

And then in two hours, I had a rough draft I was really proud of.  I loooove when everything comes together.

But a rough draft the day before a paper is due?  Not a good thing, so I totally sucked it up and asked for an extension.  This is good.  It means that I can now focus on my Homer exam and use Friday night to tighten up the paper.  It also meant that I had time to get a peer review, and she pointed out something I never ever would’ve noticed. (Thanks, Jennifer!)

Now I have to type up some homework for AMU and get my kid fed.  She’s here with me today again.  Totally paper-tunnel-vision on my part.  I was in denial about her spring break.  But I have a sitter for her for tomorrow and Monday, so I swear, I’m back on top of things.

Yes indeedy.

The big post, though, will have to wait until Saturday.

(I’m in hyper-honesty mode, since YET AGAIN someone said to me that we can’t live our lives without lies, so I’m YET AGAIN going to see how long I can go without lying.  Last time?  MONTHS.  Problem?  TELEMARKETERS.  This time?  I’m just going to stop being a passive-aggressive ninny.

So a word to the profs: If I don’t have an excuse, I’m not going to make one.  I hope you guys can respect that and be happy with the honesty while being annoyed with mistake.  Thanks.)

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