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“My head…it’s killin’ me!” I love you, Chris Eccleston.

April 6, 2007

Ugh, exam headache. You know the one. You jam the info in, you barf the info up (THANKS DR J ALL I HAVE NOW IS BARF ON THE BRAIN) but it doesn’t make your head feel better. You just need to do something else, like decline [that said “dogma” in Greek, but Caxton ate it. Bad Caxton].

Mm, Character Map.

It’s 12:42. My daughter is with my grandmother, now home from sunny Florida to bipolar Jersey April. At 1, there will be an AMU review session. Afterward, more Greek, JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. (But if I read more from the Bible…you know it, barf on the brain.) Also because my family is on the other side of the state, and why not BE the little scholar today, because I can be? I’d like to think I blew that Homer exam out of the water. The Odyssey is so much better than the Iliad, for readability.

Roessel gave permission for my daughter to come to classes on Monday, the last day of her spring break. So I will leave that choice up to her: either she can come talk about the Odyssey, which we are reading together, or else she can find some family member(s) with whom she could hang.

The thing is, with her? You really don’t know which she’ll pick. She loves the Odyssey.

My bitterness toward a “Christian America” has soured me on Easter, and, weather permitting, I will be spending it at Six Flags Great Adventure. Funny that the season pass was my CHRISTmas present. Yes. Funny.

Okay, I still have fourteen minutes left until this review session. I’ll throw in some book recs so that it seems like I’m doing something worthwhile:

1. Paint It Black – Not as good as White Oleander, but Janet Fitch does an admirable job tracking grief in the early American punk scene.

2. Only Revolutions – I had been so looking forward to reading this, but guess what? I can’t handle stream-of-consciousness right now. Sorry there, Mark Danielewski.

3. …I haven’t been reading much lately.

I DID, however, order a “Harlequin Pink” from the library. This is Harlequin’s manga line. Yes, I said “Harlequin” and “manga” in the same sentence. Actually, it wouldn’t be SO ridiculous if they weren’t LITERALLY pink. I mean…every page. Every color. Not black ink, pink. Kind of hard to take it seriously. Not that you ever should, I guess.

So that probably comes in today and I’ll put aside twenty minutes for it over the weekend and let you know. Hey, it COULD be the next best thing in romance novels…you never know.

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