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AMU recap

May 27, 2007

Every school has THOSE classes–lit for the math major, math for the lit major, and so on.  AMU is the science class for everyone.

There’s an attendance requirement, but you get a few passes if you call in first.  There’s homework, but if something comes up, it’s not even collected until late in the class period, so if you had to–not that I’m saying you should–you can get it done during the class period itself.  There are tests, but you get two pages, back and front, of notes.

There is NO reason not to get an A in this class.

On top of all that goodness, there’s the prof: Yitzhak Sharon, known as Yitzhak to his students, Yitz to his colleagues, and “We Is Friends” by my daughter.

Yitzhak is smart, funny, kind, and patient.  He is also forgiving, which I know works in some people’s favor.  There was a girl in my class who had serious test anxiety, and he made sure she had extra or other work to make up for it–I didn’t ask the details, I didn’t want to pry.  I just wanted to make the point that he does above and beyond for his students.

Unfortunately, part of this is repetition and excruciating detail, so yes, the lectures get a little dull, but if you wait long enough, there will be beach balls and enough things to be thrown at you that you’d think you were at a Gallagher show.  What does this have to do with what you’re learning?  As Yitzhak would say himself, ever-so-casually, “Not much.”  But it’s fun.

Here’s my advice: Sign up for this class to fulfill your GNM requirement.  Don’t sit in front unless you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting clunked in the head or drenched.  Make sure you choose the right seat the first day, as you’re required to sit there for the rest of the semester.  Make sure you write down EVERYTHING on your two sheets for the test; it assures you’ll get a low A, if nothing else.  Do the homework, show up–oh, and go to study sessions.  They really, really help.

Have that fun.  I know I did.

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