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September 29, 2007

Well, as much as I didn’t want to do this, another book goes into the “unfinished” catagory. Julia London’s Material Girl begins as all books I hate begins–takes a woman in the working world and proceeds to have her acting incredibly stupid and worthless and bimbo-y.  We are introduced to I-Can’t-Remember-Her-Name and yet by way of her father we’re taught that she’s awful at her job.  She doesn’t think so though, which at first makes the reader not think so, but just to drive it home, she gets arrested and burns down her office or something.  She also says clever things like “I am soooo not doing that!”

It’s the first book of a trilogy that obviously takes something from King Lear (the name of the family is Lear and there are three sisters, dying patriarch blah blah blah) and I haven’t read Lear, so maybe I’m missing an important part of the story.  But hey, I don’t do stupid, so even a Shakespeare reference can’t pull me in.

So much for that author.


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