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Fuck you, Leandro Fernandez. You’re on my list, too.

October 5, 2007

I’d like you to meet Tara Chace.  She’s British, badass, and can kill you from hella far away.  She’s one of the main characters in Greg (God bless him) Rucka’s Queen & Country.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Queen & Country, not for any other reason but that it’s political and soldier-y and government-y and that’s not my thing.  I have to admit, I’m no idiot (I hope), but a lot of what’s going on happens over my head.  It’s just not something I’m familiar with. It’s very eerily realistic, so I was most interested in Tara’s emotional response.  But Tara’s abilities and world-weariness really attracted me.

So you can imagine how PISSED OFF I got when I picked up the third trade and tried to read through it on my sickbed.  Cuz, see, here’s Tara as drawn by three different artists in the first two trades:


She’s hot, but not ridiculously so.  I take her seriously because she looks like the kind of person I believe could be a government spy.  She could kill me.

Here’s Tara Chace as drawn by Leandro Fernandez:


Is that the same woman?  I don’t think so.  If so, she’s gotten a boob job, collagen, and gone to Frank Miller’s School for the Needlessly “Sexy.”

Not my Tara Chace.

Wikipedia happily tells me that Fernandez doesn’t draw any other storylines.


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