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LittMeth: Recap

October 14, 2007

I don’t thinkI ever did a LittMeth recap over the summer.  It got away from me.  But then, there isn’t much to say.  I did have a problem with it, because it’s no different than Lit 102 at Burlington County College, but since I took the class they’ve changed the rules so that people like me, who transferred in having taking a VERY similar class, can skip it.

Although, I did have ANOTHER complaint, which is that this shouldn’t be the first requirement for Litt majors.  Composition and grammar should be.  Lisa Honaker tells me there’s a course she affectionately refers to as HELGA at the school–I believe it’s English Language and Grammar–and then there should be a flat-out comp class somewhere.  THOSE should be the first requirements.  I think that because they aren’t, LittMeth and LittRe profs have to teach such things into their already-packed classes, and it isn’t fair.

I liked Dr. J more than many of my classmates did, because I like teachers who challenge you to think more and write better.   Dr. J is definitely that.  I like that she tries to remind her students that they’re adults now by treating them as adults.  I like that she doesn’t mind being silly at her own expense occasionally to give the class a laugh.   I like that by the end of the class, we knew each other’s names.  (I don’t know anyone this semester, practically.  I’m tending toward talking to all the people I already knew.)

As it’s a requirement, not an elective, I can’t suggest it to anyone, but I can say, take Jacobson.  I had a really good time, and even when you’re grumbling about your papers, I think you will too.

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