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Adventures in…chess?

October 18, 2007

Today in Humor & Laughter, we played chess.  We were the pieces, and we moved by moving our desks.  It’s very difficult to do in a small classroom, so we used a chessboard on the board to remember where everyone was.  It would’ve been easier, someone pointed out, on a checkered floor.  But it wouldn’t have been so weird or entertaining.

Did we learn anything?  Maybe.  I learned a little something about being a pawn and being out of control but then again, I’ve felt like that since I turned 30 the other day.

I’m finally caught up (sort of) with my Shakespeare readings, and I got an A on our first paper.  Oh thank goodness.  I was just starting to freak about it.  I swear, I felt like every time Professor Tomkins said something about returning our papers, he glanced at me, so I thought, “Oh no, I took too long coming up with my thesis.  It’s a pile of crap.  I failed.  I FAILED!” and all those other stupid things you think when you’re being ridiculously insecure.  But instead, he said he really liked it.  Yay.

Now I feel like I’m getting back on solid ground for the first time since that week I had all those papers due.  It’s been two or three weeks o’wibble.  Now time to enjoy being back on track before the next set of papers are due and I freak out again.

Or maybe that will be next week when I’m taking three midterms.


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