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The problem with being a senior (and a parent)

November 5, 2007

First off, this was shit. Absolute shit. It was Bridget Jones for the teen bimbo set. Andi Watson is not female, and maybe has never even met a female. Unless the chicks in England really ARE like Bridget Jones (just as we’re all Carrie from Sex in the City?).

Secondly, I’ve come to that point, the point I never wanted to come to: where I don’t have a lot of choices in my classes. I must take a GIS course. I must take Greek IV. I must take Senior Sem. I must take a 3000-level Litt course.

But I SHOULD be home at 3pm when my daughter gets off the bus.

This usually isn’t a big deal. I go to school 5 days a week to cram all my classes into the 8:30am-3pm range. But this time, no go. Greek’s always in the middle of the day, no problem. There’s an early-morning Senior Sem. Good-o. That means I can fit the only GIS course that looked interesting to me in between them. Woot.

But what do I do now?

For some reason, even though I’m looking at a big list of 3000-level Litt courses, it feels like there’s little there to choose from. Anything that goes till 4:30 is right out, because I can’t even say to one of the high schoolers, “Could you just watch her for an hour?” Because we don’t have a high school in town, our high schoolers don’t even get home by 4:30. The writing classes are right out because I don’t have any writing prereqs behind me. Shakespeare I’m taking now, Greek Lit in Context is half-geared toward teaching (something I don’t want to do), and…that leaves me with some really awkward choices and/or some babysitting to get.


Man, this bites.

I gotta go do my Greek homework. I’m in one of those “duh” phases (the other being the “click” phase, where everything clicks into place and I GET it). It makes Roessel unhappy. I can’t say it thrills me, either.

Off I go, like a lamb to the θυμα.


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