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November 7, 2007

I got approval from Professor Kinsella to do an independent study with Professor Mench! WHEEEEE! Now I’m sad that none of Prof. Kinsella’s classes have fit into my schedule, but–YAY EVERYTHING FITS INTO MY SCHEDULE! And I’ll have Tuesdays and Thursdays “free” so I can offer more time to my daughter’s library, which doesn’t have a librarian. I’m going to BE a librarian, so see how that works? I get to help my community (which is one of my favorite things) and make my resume look prettier at the same time. Isn’t that lovely? Or I could get a part-time job at a bookstore to keep up with what’s coming out and what’s popular.

She says these things, eyes on the future, when she should have her eyes on the papers and presentation she has due next week. YEEP! Time to spend the rest of this “free” day writin’.

Still, can I just say one more time that I’m happy? Historical fiction set in the time of Caesar. That is so rad.

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