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How others see us.

November 8, 2007

Some quotes:

“Alana is not a mere shill for learning an ancient language.” – Professor Mench

“I can’t ever please her.” – Professor Tompkins

“You’re a strict constructionalist and a hater.” – Professor Whitfield (BCC)

“I can see you being melancholic.” – Nick, a classmate

In response, later, on the phone: “You can be manic!  You’re manic right now!” – my best friend

Well, I’ve been stressed and I have PMS.  That tends to lead to mania in me.  Randomly annoying my classmates.  Growling at profs.  That sort of thing.  I’ll be fine after next week, when my Shakespeare paper and my Ovid paper/presentation thing are done.

I was just rereading a few of my Week in Books posts and awww, I miss reading fourteen books a week.  I miss posting about them too.  But I’m down to about three to six things a week–maybe (I sneak graphic novels when I get stressed)–and I should be writing up the introduction I came up with for my Shakespeare paper when I went and got dinner.  I actually have a Girl Scout meeting tonight, so I can’t just sit here and go “la la la, I’ll just play Mah Jong instead of write my paper because I have soooo much time to write my pa–wait, it’s 10pm?  Bedtime!”   That is what I do.  And I’ve told myself I won’t do that–so much, anyway–anymore.  The fact that my paper is due on Monday and on Thursday, I already have a thesis statement, an introduction, and most of my argument in my head is actually better than usual.  Usually, I turn around all these ideas for like a week and then rush the paper.  I love waiting for the PING of the perfect thesis, but I’ve really gotta get over that.  I’m certainly not going to have the time next semester.

And I’m not even worried about the presentation.  The three people who went today had very different presentations: the first guy had a Power Point and elaborated on bullet point-type ideas that were up there, Mike Law did a multi-media extravaganza that made the time breeze by, and Colleen had just a few Power Point slides and mostly lectured.  I feel more settled, seeing what they did and how they did it.  Now I just have to organize my millions of notes and ideas and figure out which way will be best for me to present it.  Now I’m not twitchy about format.  Each format worked well.

All righty, back to the paper.  But when everything’s done next week, I’m catching up on Heroes and Pushing Daisies and doing a “Month in Books” or something.  I ONLY read 33 things in October…

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