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November 28, 2007

And here I was, all “I shall get back to blogging!” and instead, I spend my break going to concerts, comic book stores, and the movie theater.

All recommended, although there’s a part at the end of Enchanted that just ruined everything for me.  *sigh*

I finished every one of the Shakespearean plays we have to read for the semester.  I didn’t even give up on Henry IV Part 2 when I dearly wanted to–no, I went back and finished it.  Go me.

Now it’s just some lectures and a final, and then…it’s done.  Wow.  Everything’s almost done, and then I’ll be watching Brick and Nana and catching up on Heroes.  One hopes.

And blogging.  Oh yes.  Recaps for all!  And some book reviews too.

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