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January 15, 2008

Shakespeare: A reading-intensive class with three papers, no exams.  If you can find a cheapy copy of the Complete Works somewhere (mine: twenty-five cents at the local thift store), that’s all you need.  I don’t think anyone cracked the Bedford Guide more than twice.

I feel I did exceptionally well on the papers but I couldn’t tell you, really, how he was grading.  I’ve heard people say that he likes really long introductions, but I never write ’em like that myself.  I wrote papers that were generally tight although whenever I felt I was rambling on some sort of offshoot tangent, he seemed to enjoy the paper more.  Go figure.

The professor himself–well, there was an adjustment period, to be sure.  After a while, almost everyone stopped asking questions, and that was for the best.  Around the first third of the semester, a few of us (that I can speak for myself) were angry with him, but by the last third, everything was fine again.  Save your points for your papers; there’s really no place in class for them.  He is, however, a really fun lecturer.

Because the class is required, there’s no specific kind of student I can suggest the class to.  However, I CAN say that if you don’t like reading, this isn’t the class for you–but it probably isn’t the major for you, either.

Intermediate Ancient Greek I: The Devil’s class.  Roessel is still Roessel, wonderfully flawed.  Be prepared for more verb forms than in Beginning II.  Your head will explode.  Find a study-buddy; make a lot more flash cards.  You’ll need ’em.  I wish I’d made ’em.

Ovid: Another bout of heavy reading.  Professor Mench’s lectures are dry but fun, and if you’re not getting the humor, it’s you, not him.  The tests were VERY difficult for those without a basis in Greco-Roman mythology.  For those who knew the myths back and forth, studying was almost optional.

Humor/Laughter: Oh well.  This class is the reason I screencapped my grades.  There was a lot of reading, completely over and above in amount and content than almost anyone could handle, and mostly, we just sat around listening to the professor read “virtual lectures” that read like a Vogon turning his hand from poetry one night.  We were promised “video days” that never happened, but got more digressions than one could count, and some pizza.  The papers were laughable; I can’t imagine more than a handful of people didn’t get As.  The topics were so repetitive that I felt I was writing the same thing over and over again.  Like, “Paper A: Write about topic.”  “Paper B: Write more about topic.”  Guh.  For those who just like to sit around or blow off classes and talk about absolutely nothing…well, I guess this class (and philosophy) is for you.  Man, I don’t like philosophy.

So, that was my semester.  I hope this helps someone make a decision.  If not…oh well.  Back to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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