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Oh my goodness.

January 26, 2008

My Fictional Rome books take up almost an entire shelf and I haven’t even gotten every single one of them in yet. Oddly, though, there was one as a freebie at one of my libraries. Freaky coincidence? Time to convert religions?

Exam on Monday. Oh yes, welcome back to Greek.

Gotta read read read, study study study, and still manage to find time to sell Girl Scout cookies and get the community library ready for its grand opening (I’m the only volunteer, so…yeah) , plan Friday’s Girl Scout meeting (which I’ll probably end up doing five minutes before the meeting), and, oh yeah, work. Like, actual paid-for work. Just helping my mom get out of a jam, but still. I have time for this? No, but it’s my mom.

Off to bed…to read more Plutarch. Who needs sleep? Oh, that’s right: I DO. But in a half hour, I think. I need to get through Sulla so I can move on to Pompey.

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