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Awww, man.

April 8, 2008

I sent a link to this blog to some people yesterday and now I feel like I have to write some amazing post.  Except that I don’t–I have back content from when I had time to read things that weren’t on syllabi or specifically part of my final papers.  You just kind of have to…dig.  Maybe.  Before this semester, definitely.  Or put your name into the search bar.

In school news, we negotiated the syllabus down by a few books.  That’s something, even though I have no idea when I’ll read the rest of what’s on it.  I’m still plowing through the last book in the Cataline Conspiracy section, which means I still have the entirety of Caesar’s military career, the Civil War, Caesar’s dictatorship, and his death to get through.  Also, booo, more Caesar death.  I wonder if I can get desensitized to it.  Poor guy keeps dying on this syllabus–like Kenny in South Park but, you know, less funny.

What I really need to do is start organizing the chunks I wrote all last week for my Senior Seminar paper on Bill Willingham’s Fables so that on Friday when the rough draft is due, it looks like half a paper.  I also need to write another eight pages this week, and meet with my advisor about the changes in my Fem Sem paper today, and take an exam tomorrow.  Yes, I know there are no classes tomorrow, but I’m an Independent Study kind of gal.  We make our own rules.

So, yeah, sorry, no dazzle here today.  Too busy.  But if you are checking in, thank you.  I really appreciate that.

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