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Countdown: 13 days

April 17, 2008

Here is what I still need to do:

Fem Sem

I have a ton of articles left to read and write abstracts on. I also have last week’s abstracts to turn in. (Oops?)
I have a facilitation on Monday on Bikini Kill and I don’t actually know what else.

I have about 10 more pages to write for my paper.

I have to meet up with my mentor to make sure the transition from paper to project is going as well as I think it is.

Senior Sem

I have about 10 more pages to write. I definitely have to rewrite my introduction and I need to get someone who knows nothing about comics to read it because I didn’t realize how much I expected the reader to know until my professor pointed out that she had no idea who Tony Stark is. (The answer to that, as we all know, is Robert Downey Jr.)

Other than that, it’s just showing up for the presentations, which I’d do anyway.

Greek Tragedians

I need to read Euripides and Aristophanes, preferably by next week (or at least most of it by next week). Then I have that exam on the 30th and that’s it!

Fictional Rome

I need to do a lot of reading for this, and also write a ten-page paper for which I don’t have anything more than a vague outline. (Oops again, sort of.  I know I’m putting this off till last, because it’ll be short compared to the other papers, and because I’ve written for the prof before and I feel like I’m on solid ground.)
I also need to write a three-sentence summary of each book I’ve read so far to aid Professor Mench in choosing which books will be on his syllabus the next time the class is taught, which I believe will be in the fall. (Do it! Do it! It’s so cool. And yes, you can blame me because I’m going to argue FOR the Koestler, unless it’s out of print.)

Yeah, so that’s “it.” I just read like 15 academic articles in a row about X-Men and comic books in general and folk tales and oral tradition. Now to separate what’s going in which paper…

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