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I amuse myself. 11 days left. Am totally stressed.

April 19, 2008

Professor Mench asked me to write about three sentences for each of the books I’ve finished so far in Fictional Rome. (Okay I didn’t quite finish Gift of Rome…because I kind of lost it in my car, which I haven’t cleaned out for the same reason I haven’t gotten a haircut. Too busy.)

But that wasn’t a fun assignment, so I limited myself to three words per sentence.

Fortune’s Favorites: Way too long. Not enough Caesar. It’s gotta go.

Roman Blood: So darn cool. Definitely keep this. I love Gordianus.

“The Alexandrian Cat”: Confused me greatly. Belongs further down. Context is fun.

Arms of Nemesis: Still love Gordianus. Fun to read. But not necessary.

The Gladiators: Filled with Commies. Is strangely engrossing. I’d keep it.

Caesar’s Women: Much better book. Less annoyingly repetitive. Gets thumbs up.

Gift of Rome: Still in car. Sorry about that. Was kinda dull.

Catalina’s Riddle: Is completely fascinating. Completely different Catalina. [I removed spoiler.]
SPQR II: Balances out Saylor. They work together. Loved it too.

I’ll probably finish The Venus Throw tonight after I get some paper work done, then I can write one more line and send it off.  There are still three more novels and one more play left on my syllabus.  I’m trying not think about it.

Also, I don’t have cable but I heard “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords over the summer on my mom’s Sirius Radio thingy, and it cracks me up to this day.  If you’ve ever been married–oh yeah, this is for you.  I caught one or two episodes of the show, and I only thought the one was funny, but the song is completely brilliant.  Just thought I’d throw out a rec.

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