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A first post should be monumental.

May 17, 2008

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen here. I mean really, what could I say that would be so utterly fantastic that you immediately bookmark me and can’t go a day without checking to see if I’ve updated? Well, maybe a really fabulous snarky recap of one of your favorite books. I’ve definitely bookmarked for that. But throwing myself right into the mix? It’s not me. I have to ease myself in. It’s awkward when you’re at the pool and it’ll probably be awkward here.

But that doesn’t really matter, so long as it gets done, yes?

I suppose that this is where I should talk about my intentions.  Obviously, there’s an “about” section that should really cover that–oh, and then there’s that little widget on the side where I can write a little, but here I could get really in-depth about what I want to do. So, let’s see…what do I want to do?

I definitely am going to be using this space to post book reviews.  Sometimes long, sometimes short–I’m a lit girl, not a journalism girl (despite my stint as a music journalist for a now-defunct local zine), and I don’t expect to wow anyone with my insights, but if you’re looking for a book recommendation, this might be a good place to find ’em. I will almost always be spoiler-free, because I loathe spoilers myself. If that makes me vague, so be it.  I’d rather have someone feel I didn’t say enough than too much.  I’m going to try to post these reviews once a week, covering everything I’ve read from Monday to Monday, not unlike last year’s Week in Books.  I’ve changed the day from Friday to Monday for no real reason except that I won’t have continual access to the internet as I have in the past, as I’ll be at a friend’s this summer, so Monday seems like a good day to get to the library.  It’s when the DVDs are generally due, anyway.

I am also going to be using this space to post book recaps.  For those who don’t regularly read recaps, they’re (usually snarky) lengthy descriptions of a work.  I feel they work best when you’re familiar with the source material, but other people don’t think so.  Some of my favorite recap sites are here, here, and here.

I may recap some of the kids’/YA books that I’ve read, but mostly I want to focus on the Harlequins I read as a tween/teen.  Two years ago or so, I picked up Anne Stuart’s Catseye II, which was one of the first Harlequins I ever read, and also the first book, unsurprisingly titled Catseye, which I never could find.  Bless the Internet, because it eventually occured to me that I could pick up all the other Harlequins that I’d donated, traded, or lost (“lost” meaning my mother threw them out, grr) over the years.  Now I want to recap them like whoa.  One of the things I’ve learned from reading a few is that even though I’ve remembered the plots fairly well, I still didn’t GET IT, whatever “it” is in that book–generally the insecurities of the characters.  Through tween eyes, they never seemed like less than awesome grown-ups, but I think you’ll see (especially in Bond of Destiny) that these are some seriously flawed characters, if not seriously flawed writing.  Before I re-read the book, I write down everything I remember.  I like to see what my adult eyes are noticing that my kid self never did.

So those are my two main projects for this blog.  Hope you’re interested.  Don’t know if I’ll set a time for the recaps; having never really done one before, I don’t know how long they take to do well.  But we’ll see.  I think I’ll enjoy it.  Hope you will too.

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