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Oh, internets. I’ll miss you.

June 9, 2008

I’m guessing I have either six minutes or an hour and six minutes left before Comcast turns me off, since I’m not off already.

I have to find my…oh wait, there it is.  I was like, “How am I going to post things from the library?  How am I going to write them on HERE and then post things from the library?”  Ah yes, USB thingy.

It took me for-ev-er to read this one book, which is why I haven’t updated with this week’s yet.  But I am rewarding myself by rereading the first two books in the Vampire Diaries series.  (I typed “daisies” first.  Ha.)  I remember so much of it as I go along, but it’s missing something for me.  I guess the perceived depth of the first time.

Anyway, I’ll keep updating, just not from my own computer.  I promise.  The Week in Books will get up in the next couple of days, as a reward to myself for getting soooo much moving done.  Which I need to start…NOW.

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