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Things don’t suck!

August 11, 2008

Blessedly, everything on my hard drive was recoverable, AND I found a great deal through Apple where I now have everything I’ll need for grad school: a laptop, a printer, and an iPod Touch–okay, that last one I don’t NEED, but I think I’m going to like it even though I was a little twitchy about it at first.  The fact that when you turn it, the window turns made me giggle.  I don’t THINK I’ll be using it so much for anything but music, but who knows what kind of person I will turn into with all this shiny stuff?  A broke one, I suppose? 😀

So now I just need to transfer the files I had for Bookslide over here and we’ll be catching up!  Thank goodness!  I also found the notebook that had the beginning of my Vampire Diaries recap, so I can finish that up as well.  I’ve read all but two of the Harlequins so they’re almost ready for recapping as well.

Watch this space, baby.  We’re going for a bookslide.

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