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It’s like a really boring soap opera

August 13, 2008

I swear, this is crazy!  The bookslide file isn’t there.  I call Staples–one closer to my house.  I tell them, “Hey, this entire folder was supposed to be here, and it isn’t!”  They say, “No problem, come in.”  They can’t seem to find it either, but they’re not having any problems finding the bookslide file, the guy says on the phone.  “Okay, just make sure I get that.”  “No problem.  It’s set.  Come on back in to pick it up.”

I pick it up.  I bring it home.  The bookslide file…is not there.  Just a link file to it, like the kind that’s in your Recent Documents list.  It’s a LINK to the FILE, not the FILE ITSELF.  And without the file, the link goes…nowhere.

Am I going crazy, or is this guy stupid?

However, my LIST of books was recovered.  I’m fairly certain it’s missing some things–one example is that it has me reading volumes three to five of Cantellera, but not one or two–but still, it’s something.  I can get back on track with this month, anyway.

And, as a bonus for the lack of content this summer, I’m going to write a new page–that’s right, not a post but a static page!  It’ll be “Best of Bookslide,” a quick look at my favorite book discoveries in the past two years.  I’ll probably put everything in recommended age order.

Summer is coming to a close, and I feel like I failed myself.  That’s pretty sucky.  Maybe I can make up for it starting September 1st, when I’ll stop running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting my grad school information in.  I’ll have about three weeks then before classes begin, and I could maybe do a significant post a day or something?  That might be fun.  More goals, less apology posts!

September is the real beginning of the year.  Why don’t we just accept that?  Clean slate, ready to go.

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