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August 21, 2008

For it is my daughter’s birthday.  I have been relegated to sitting outside across the street from the salon where she is getting her present (black hair with purple streaks).  I am in front of an ice cream shop but i have been threatened with death if I buy anything but water.

However, this gives me some nice catch-up time.  You’d think it’d be all awesome sitting out here with internet and sunshine, but really the cars going by are quite stinky.  So much for the reality of THAT.

Also, no word from Staples, so I think I’ll just wait for an uber-geek to cross my path.  SOMEONE’s gotta take a vacation eventually, right?  Or maybe I’ll meet a new tech-geek friend.  I can wait.  Sort of.

ANYWAYYYYY, since I have time I’m going to run through the stuff I’ve been reading during August.  There isn’t a lot because, for one, I am trying not to get too many new books out the library so I’ll read the old ones and two, I got this new laptop and I’ve been kind of obsessed with it.  Bad me.  Addict.  Moving on.

I read White Tiger by Tamora Pierce.  I appear to have missed something that was going on lately in the Marvel Universe, which isn’t surprising considering that I am, for all its faults, generally a DC girl at this stage in my life.  But!  Tamora Pierce!  A new female superhero!  A new female MINORITY superhero!  

She seems to have started out in Daredevil, another reason I missed her.  I haven’t been reading Daredevil almost at all.  So it slipped by me that there’s a new hero in town.  I think I’ve read somewhere about how so many of the women in the superhero universes have received their identities from a male relative, but I don’t think it’s a sexist thing so much as a “universe” thing and a marketing thing.  It’s easier to introduce a character into a pre-existing universe by creating a connection to someone the audience is invested in.  Makes sense to me.

So this new White Tiger, she fits.  She knows everyone.  They give her some slack.  It works for exactly the opposite reason that Alias worked: she fits.  Jessica didn’t fit, but she didn’t fit in such an interesting way that she caught my eye.  Alias is a flashier story, of course, but this White Tiger?  I could keep up with her.  Totally.

Then I read Close Relations which is, I believe, the only older Susan Isaacs book I’d never read before.  It was interesting to read about the pressures of family and relationships in the ’80s but also the racism and sexism–especially the racism.  The Jewish main character’s family does a lot of hating on the Irish.  It’s funny(-weird) to think about all the racism that was in our grandparents’ generation and taken for granted.  My great-grandmother still said “Nee-groes”; my best friend’s Italian grandma told him he should never marry a black woman, EVER, although she had black friends in her neighborhood.  My own grandmother’s friend made such horrible racist comments that, as I drove them to Atlantic City, I almost dumped the woman off on the Expressway.  UGH.  Later, I asked my grandmother what THAT was all about, and she said she’d always just let it slide.  Can you imagine?  But even with Catholics and other forms of Christianity, I have to sit there and listen to both sides refer to the other as “those people”–my mother (who I haven’t known to go to church for at least a decade unless someone’s dead, getting married, or being christened) and my ex-boyfriend’s mother especially.

No, I mean, it was a great book but I’ve read so much Isaacs that my focus was less on the plot and more on the culture, I suppose.

Aw, I keep getting distracted, and my time’s almost up. I should go check on the kiddo.  More some other time–maybe Sunday when she’s off to Six Flags with her dad.

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