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The week that was…

August 28, 2008

…the week that I was busy with my daughter’s birthday.

I could say I didn’t read a lot, and that might be true for me but not another person.  So I’ll say it anyway: I didn’t read a lot in the past week or so, partially because of my daughter’s birthday and partially because I was bogged down by trying to get through Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck.

I may have said something about Heyer in the past, something positive and full of praise.  Not so much for this book, which is like reading a description of someone going on a trip in one of Heyer’s books: go for a bit, then slow down and let the horses take a break, repeat until the heroine makes a match.  Problem is, there’s more breaking horses than speeding horses, if you get my drift.  I was…bored.  Bored by HEYER.  I’m upset.

However, I did learn something from this book: what they mean in Annie when they say “Your clothes may be Beau Brummell-y.”  When I was little, I thought it was something like “bo-brummelly,” which I assumed was a disparaging comment that was too out of date for me to understand.  Not so.  Beau Brummell was a real person, and I’m thinking about bringin’ Brummell back.  I’m starting by telling people, “Beau Brummell would/would not approve” when they ask about what they’re wearing.

Still, despite the awesomeness of learning about Beau Brummell, I cannot help but be unhappy at not fully enjoying a Heyer book.  After all, Georgette Heyer is on my list of “Things and People I Am Annoyed You Didn’t Tell Me About Long Ago.”  (Along with Oingo Boingo.)

I also read the first two Honey & Clover manga, which is the story of a bunch of art students.  I saw the preview for the live-action movie when I was watching the live-action Nana, and I have the say, the movie intrigues me more than the book.  This is likely because I have a bad habit of skipping from voice balloon to voice balloon and miss some of the subtleties of the story and the art.  Also, because it creeps me out that one (or two) of the characters has (have) a thing for a girl who has the mindset of a seven-year-old.  Still, it’s a good read, and I’ll either continue with it or get a copy of the movie.

I finished up New Free Chocolate Sex, and that was totally fun but another example of “You bastards spoiled this book for me in your stupid blurb,” which contains a quote from the book that doesn’t happen until THE VERY MIDDLE OF THE BOOK.  *sigh*  So…pick up this book (especially if you like chocolate and/or activism) but don’t read anything but the text itself!  I think you will enjoy it.  I did.  Its only real flaw was digressing here and there to tell the backstory, but in a sort of clumsy way.  But I might be the only one to have found it clumsy.

I also read the very last Tramps Like Us volume.  I feel like a part of my life has come to an end.  But happily.  Now I want to watch the series again, because it has a different focus, I think, and therefore ends differently.  It’s all good, though.  Other people love all sorts of endings, and some only enjoy one, but I like seeing everything in a different medium go another way.  Not off the point or away from the heart of the matter, though.

Now I’m reading Magic for Marigold, which I am trying to decide authorship without checking any other sources.  That is, was it actually written by Lucy Montgomery or a ghostwriter for the estate?  Honestly, I have no clue, but the perfection of the main character makes me think not.  She is, in modern terms, a Montgomery Mary Sue, with none of the imperfections of an Anne or an Emily.

The summer is almost over.  I have attained none of my goals.  But I am back to putting at least some content on here, which I guess is something.


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