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Day 1: Looking forward

September 2, 2008

I talked a little bit about blogging every day for the first two weeks of September.  The reasons for this are various: mostly it’s that I was lax when it came to doing what I wanted to get done this summer which partially had something to do with the spotty internet access at my new residence and the destruction(?) of my hard drive which led to the buying of a new computer which led to me wasting time online a lot and begging Big Fish Games to give me the Mac version of MahJong Towers Eternity since I already had the Windows version.  (They did, bless their little hearts.)  Practically, blogging every day about books for the first two weeks of September may make up for how little I may update once I’m in grad school.  Buuuut I haven’t been accepted yet–Drexel doesn’t tell you until the last minute–still, I like to look ahead.  And make up for a lack.  Yes, sure, I was lying on the floor in my bedroom in horrible pain a lot of the summer, and yet somehow I still feel a ton of guilt for the fact I never finished the first part of the Vampire Diaries snark I began before the re-injury.

Okay, I’m babbling.  Try to focus (my roommate likes to wait till I sit in front of my laptop to talk to me):

So here’s what I’m thinking: Tomorrow, I post that Best of Bookslide: 2006.  Wednesday, I post Best of Bookslide: 2007.  Thursday, guess, what: Best of Bookslide: 2008 (January – June).  Since I’m probably going to categorize them by age group/adult genre, the lists will just be added to; these won’t be yearly lists.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t matter when *I* read them.

Friday starts the snarking.  By Friday, I can finish the first part of the Vampire Diaries snark I was working on.  By Saturday, I should have the second part done (one hopes).  Sunday, I might finish the third part.  Monday, I could maybe possibly finish the last part, finishing up the first book.  That’s one whole week there.  Okay, probably all two weeks right there.

If I get behind on the snark, which I very likely will, I’ll throw in a Week in Books (Alice Hoffman!  Random awesome chick lit book I got somewhere that I can’t remember!  I don’t know what else because I haven’t gone to the library in DAYS!  Probably the third Little Lady book!  Possibly something from my childhood!) and maybe a deeper look ahead at the Harlequin recaps.  Heck, it’ll be two weeks by then, I figure.  Works for me.  Hope it works for you too.

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