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Day 10

September 11, 2008

Still coming in late on these posts.  I was watching Casanova with David Tennant.  It’s sort of cheesy and campy and funny and sad and annoying and trippy and ridiculous.  I probably would’ve been happier had it been half its running time.

I finished rereading Agnes and the Hitman and I’m almost done rereading Prom Dress, an oldie but goodie that my daughter came home with the other day.  I saw the dress on the back cover and squealed, “I know that one!” so she let me borrow it.  We traded–I lent her Here at the Scenic-Vu Motel.

I hope you don’t mind if my content is a little contentless tonight.  I really need to get some more sleep.  Blahhh.  I’ll post for real tomorrow, actual content.  Really!  I’m caught up on ALL my DVDs now.

…Well, except the live-action Death Note movies…

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