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September 22, 2008

I am in physical therapy for my back.  I got into grad school but classes start in two days (I know, I know) so I’ll be deferring till the next session.  (I don’t want to say “semester” because I’m not sure if it’s a trimester system still; when I went to the open house I believe they said they were in the process of changing over but don’t quote me, as it was a while ago.)  This gives me some free–although BROKE–time.

I am thinking about doing the following things:

-taking an online writing course with a friend (with whom I took a writing course when I was sixteen, hee)

-doing NaNoWriMo

-NOT doing NaNoWriMo and instead using November as a time to get as many of the scripts done for the show my ex-boyfriend and I have been planning out for something like four years now


-video posts for Bookslide

Yeah, I said it.  People keep telling me I should do this, and so I’m thinking about it.  It’d be nice to have, I dunno, an audience that isn’t made up of my nearest and dearest, but it’s probably for the best because all my video posts that I’ve done for my LiveJournal are pretty much exactly the same.  Okay, maybe not this last one but it was sort of a bet.  Still, holding the book up and talking about it instead of typing about it?  Could be fun occasionally.

Speaking of, I owe you guys like three weeks’ worth of Week in Books.  I’m going to do that tomorrow.  For reals now. 😀  After PT and a quick stop-by at the Girl Scout council.  I’m back on track now that I don’t have the weight of will I/won’t I get into grad school hanging over my head.  Maybe I’ll even finish that snark of the Vampire Diaries.  WOOOOOOOOO!

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