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Zombies are the new pirateninjaclowns.

September 23, 2008

I am slowly getting through World War Z.  It is very good, very creepy, but very much written as if it were a non-fiction book, and that doesn’t trigger my speedreading gene.

I think I need to do a big old snark on the movie The Cutting Edge.  Oh yes.  It will happen.

I know I was supposed to do more today, but I’m whomped.  I’ve been whomped since about 12:23pm.  I’ve just been trying to keep myself awake till now so I can conk out and hopefully get back on a decent schedule.

Sound good to you?  I think so.

Also, I am planning to head to that used bookstore (did I mention that?) this week–maybe tomorrow–to see if I can exchange all the old books in my trunk for NEW OLD BOOKS.  I saw a copy of The Trouble with Toni there.  I swear!

Really, if I could just remember what book the characters Sure & Fine were from, I’d be the happiest girl in the world…

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