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October 27, 2008

I’m looking at themes, but I don’t quite have time right now to fix the header to suit the theme.  (And after DreamCharades fixed it up for me–I’m such a jerk.)  Now that I’ve got my camera software on the new computer, I could take another header picture, maybe of an actual bookslide.  I did that once, when I got 112 books for seven dollars at the Ocean County Library booksale at LEH (shout out!  Hey Ann!  Hey Diet Coke Lady!  Hey Adrienne (sp)!  Hey June-Bug!  Hey EVERYONE!).  I piled the books and kept taking pictures until they crashed, then I took a picture of that too.  It was with the old, crappy digital camera that makes everything look yellow though.

I still haven’t read half those books, I think.  Bad reader. *smacks hand*

Anyway, POINT: Layout is different, header will be fixed soon.  And by “soon” I mean…?

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