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Yeah, sure, why not?

November 1, 2008

I can do this.  I practically did 14 posts in 14 days in September, so 30 in 30?  No problem.  *cough*

I think my profile is here:

First off, a promise: real content every day.  None of those “Oh crap, I totally forgot to do this” posts.  Not even “I added to my blogroll,” although I’m going to do that in a second.  Getting around to taking some pictures for a new header does not count either.

Second off, real content for today is actually not HERE, exactly.  I mean, unless you count the declaration that I will be participating in one of those Na*Mo things.  Real content for today is actually a link.  I did a guest post for Fluffy over on her blog: Fiction for Feminists.  Fluffy asked for guest bloggers and I stepped up.  I certainly didn’t have anything to say about cloth pads (except that my mother TOTALLY needs to get over her revulsion when they’re mentioned and that my male cousin makes this face o_O when they’re mentioned), but she also suggested feminism as a topic, so I jumped right on that.  Not every book I recommended on there is a hit-it-out-of-the-park-will-change-your-life work of fiction.  In fact, some of them are downright…can I even say it?…FLUFFY.  (Ha.)  But I think I covered a decent range in the suggestions, and I’m happy with the result.  Almost everything there was BoB-worthy.

SO WE BEGIN.  To come: Suffering through Princess Ai, wondering at the point of No Fear Shakespeare graphic novels, the return of Hush, and I SWEAR I WILL GET THAT FIRST VAMPIRE DIARIES SNARK UP.

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