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On blogging a lot

November 10, 2008

You know, if I didn’t take all the books I read and WiB them up, I could really do the whole “Here is content every day!” thing.  I mean, I read…three things today: Scary Book, Scary Book Volume 2, and Water Baby.  Also finished Pretties, the sequel to Uglies, this morning and started Thin is the New Pretty this evening.  (And watched four episodes of Deadwood.  And popped over to my ex-bf’s to feed his cats while he’s on vacation.  And tidied up my room.  And found, among all our still-packed stuff, the Wonder Woman cape you get for $5 at Six Flags whether you win the game or not, as tomorrow is Superhero Day at my daughter’s school.  Who says I just sit around?  Although I should’ve done the dishes.)  So you can see how easy it would be for me to knock out a post a day for 30 days.

And yet, I’m not doing that.  Why?  Because I have the Spotlight tag and the WiB tag and I don’t like crossing over their uses.  WiB is shorter reviews; Spotlight is when I really have something to say.  I’d like to keep that special.

Oh, but it’s 9:31pm and I seriously, seriously could just conk out right now.  I guess what I’ve learned in my first third of this NaBloPoMo endeavor is that if I want to write a post I can feel good about the next day, I need to start it before 7:30pm.  Probably even before dinnertime.  And yet I feel I do my best fiction writing at night.  I guess I have less of a need for clarity then.

So here’s my new promise: I will start blogging during the day, not the evening/night, but for Sundays, until the end of the month.  That means I have to start tomorrow’s post early, because I have someone coming over at noon to see if our basement is kitty-proof so I can RESCUE!  Me!  Taking care of rescues!  While they wait for their new home!  That is SO COOL.

But until then, I’ll be the one asleep.

G’night, readers.  Thanks for coming ’round.  More on the Bat-verse tomorrow.

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