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November 18, 2008

I’m a sucker.  I’m totally going to see the movie.  Not on opening night–if I didn’t see Dark Knight on opening night, I’m certainly not going to make Twilight my first midnight show that doesn’t have the word “Horror” in it–but probably a Monday matinee.  I’m actually hoping to like the movie, which I know might be asking too much, but I really hated Bella and I can’t imagine any actress capturing all the awful traits that Bella has.  Therefore, anyone who plays her will be more sympathetic, and I hopefully will stop hating the character (at least for the duration of the movie) and therefore, I could only like it more than the books.

Follow?  Cuz I’m zonking out here.

So I’m totally reading this right now but I can’t keep reading it because I’ll never sleep, and God knows I haven’t slept enough in days.

I have also been reading this and haven’t stopped laughing since.

I think I want the Scrabble line on a t-shirt.

Seriously, that’s so much reading there that you can’t fault for me lack of content so I can get to bed before 10 on a school night.


So sleepy, guys.  Read Twilight lulz.  They are full of awesome.

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