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November 23, 2008

Dexter is on RIGHT NOW.  We moved one of the foster kitties into my bedroom because his sister is the spawn of Satan–actually, she’s just really freaked right now so she won’t come out and eat, so he gobbles up the food.  It’s more about giving her the opportunity to eat than anything else.  That took longer than expected.

I was at a beautiful wedding all day.  This + cats is why I’m so rushed right now.

I read the beginning of Marmalade Boy.  I was completely taken aback at how sorta-polyamorous it is.  I mean, seriously, you guys.  Kind of makes you wonder if they’re really all having sex, but they switched wives just to–okay, probably not.

I know this guy, he wrote a novel about a polyamorous family.  It’s like Nick Hornby meets multiple-spouse relationship.  It’s really good.  I hope it gets published.  I have no idea because we’re not in contact anymore, but one day, that book–called Grown Ups–will be on a shelf.  If people are willing to take a chance on something different.

My favorite book about relationships taking strange turns is called Some Girls by Kristin McCloy.  It’s a beautiful novel that follows Claire as she takes all the roads not taken.  You should pick it up.

But really, I told my roommate we’d watch Dexter, so we’re going to watch Dexter.  I am prepared to be FREAKED OUT.  This season is amazing.

TTYL.  Sorry about the half-butted content.

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