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So much for that

December 13, 2008
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I am no good at making headers or even taking photographs.  I didn’t think the shelf would have a glare, but it did, so all the comic trades and manga got cut out of the picture.  So how is that representative of me at all?  It’s like, half-me.  It’s M.  Or E.

Buuuut since I had my camera out, I thought I’d take a picture of my “to-read” shelves.


Yeah, shelves.  And this doesn’t include the books I took out when I maxed out my library card.  That’s elsewhere.  (Or sort of everywhere.  Oops.)   I’m trying to get that back down to something workable before I hit these shelves.  (The stuff on the left is piled there to reduce glare, which didn’t work, not overflow.  Turning everything sideways seemed to help with the overflow issue, although I still have three tubs of books downstairs and another bookcase, only half-full, that you can’t see cuz it’s on the other side of the silver TV stand.  The bookcase on the right is all my daughter’s stuff, although for some reason she claimed the Runaways manga-sized trades, which bugs me.)

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