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Goals for Bookslide III: Christmas vacation

December 21, 2008

My daughter and I are taking some time off from homeschooling to enjoy the holidays.  During this time, I will:

-Be writing a Manga Wrap-Up (today)

-Writing a bunch more Vampire Diaries posts (over the next couple days)

-Starting a new set of recaps with fellow blogger and book twin (or, really, Book Little Sister, because she actually kept reading Sweet Valley High when I stopped) trappedintheattic (I call her Liss) where we mock the heck out the Night World books.  When she is not hogging threads with me on various Livejournal communities, she recaps V.C. Andrews books brilliantly.  So if you ever, even for an instant, thought it was acceptable to have sex with your brother because you were trapped in an attic together while you hit puberty, go read her stuff now.

I want to be done with The Awakening by January 1st.  That’s my new goal.  AND IT WILL HAPPEN.  But I’m not going to lag on my book reviews, because they’re fun.  I may lag on how MUCH I read, because recaps take a surprising amount of time.  But that’s for the best–I have a lot of stuff to before school starts at the end of March.

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