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The saddest day of a Book Girl’s life

December 26, 2008

My library card has been suspended until I can prove that I live in the county in which it was issued.  I cannot prove that I live in the county in which it was issued.  PO boxes do not count.  THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WAITING FOR ME AT THE LIBRARY RIGHT NOW!  MOVIES!  BOOKS!  COMICS!  MANGA!  It’s enough to make you cry.

My temporary way to deal with this ban is to get my daughter’s address on her card switched to her father’s place so that at least we can use hers while I figure this whole thing out.  I might just run with it and hook myself up with a card from a different county so that we can use both systems.  My mother SWEARS I should be able to use my card no matter which county I live in, because of some agreement the counties have (which is why, when we lived on the border of two counties, I had one card with two bar codes), but that doesn’t make realistic sense.  If I can take my This County card and use it at That County Library, then why do they have yearly fees for out-of-county residents?

But I feel very twitchy, even though I still have 21 things out.  Those holds, they could expire!  I don’t want to go through waiting lists AGAIN.  It took me weeks to get The Other Boleyn Girl DVD!

I’ll be okay.  It’s probably silly that I’m getting this worked up over it in the first place.  But I do not have $50 to pay a yearly out-of-county fee.  The only mail I get to an in-county residence is my mother’s place which, ironically, has its own library that for some reason is not a part of the county system.  Ha ha?  And the only reason I get mail there is because of a computer error of some sort.

Well, maybe this is a sign.  I need to think about it.  I WAS saying to my friend Jen that I didn’t want to put so much stuff on hold in the next year…

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