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Who needs sleep?

January 7, 2009

I do, to post well anyway.

Since I didn’t sleep well last night, that means you get a lame post.

I have given in and created an account at under the name “bookslide.”  I have added something like 470 books already, but only using the Big Authors (L.J. Smith, Christopher Pike, a couple of manga series, Anne Rice, etc) and some randoms here or there.  Haven’t even started on the master lists from the past three years or even the stuff that’s on my shelves now.

Here’s how I star books:

-If I FULLY enjoyed the book, whether in a good way or a bad way, it gets five stars.

-If I enjoyed the book, or I really enjoyed the book but I thought the author had written better books, it gets four stars.

-If the book was pretty good, but nothing to jump up and down about, it gets three stars.

-If it was so “eh” that I can barely remember it anymore, or it was just plain “eh,” it gets two stars.

-If it sucked, it gets one star.  I think I’ve only given one or two books one-star ratings so far.

-If it’s part of a long series or broken up into several books but tells one story (like manga), the series will generally get a set number of stars, whether every single book was equally good or not.  (See: Hana-Kimi.)

-If there are no stars, it means I can’t remember the book enough to make a call.

I also changed my LibraryThing username to bookslide.  I thought it would be easier.

LibraryThing is more of a cataloging system, which is cool.  I like it a lot.  Goodreads is more like “Here’s what I read” and, when you’re a Book Girl with three library cards, that’s just not the same thing as what you own.  Of course, some Book Girls only have two library cards now, which are for libraries far far away, and they’re very sad, but they’re not going to let it get them down because they’re starting a book challenge called Just Read It!, where they and their friends read that pile (or many piles, or shelves) that’s been mocking them for years.

I’ll let you know how that goes too.

I haven’t been reading much these past couple days.  I’ve been a little computer addict, catching up with people who aren’t on much (hey, Jen! hey, Tricia!) and plugging things into websites.  And doing stuff with the book club (moderator wars!)–looks like our next book might be The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  Not sure yet.  It’s a close vote.

Also, I’ve been rereading 52, this time in volume form, and there’s just something about reading something I’ve already read this early in the year, when I’ve been busy talking up knocking books from those to-read shelves.  Also, I thought it was two volumes and it was really four, and I only got two out from the library, so it’s like ARGH!  Another reason to read it reluctantly.

Anyyyyway, that’s enough for me.  I’d say I was going to read before bed, but I think I’ll check out North & South instead, since I’ve had it for like two or three weeks now and eventually it has to go back to that mean, mean library.

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