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January 25, 2009

So I STARTED my recap.  Then I realized I had to go get my daughter from Girl Scouts.  As I walked down the stairs, I thought, “Wow, it smells good down here–omg, I left the potatoes boiling on the stove for the past hour.”

Well, at least they were done, and the water hadn’t boiled away.

Then my daughter couldn’t find her Girl Scout cookie order form.

Then my roommate came home kinda goofy (I believe there was beer involved, as he stopped taking Percoset to have a social life again, but he WILL need surgery *insert sad face here*) and then he wanted to watch Galactica.  Now it’s almost midnight, I only have about a quarter of the recap done, and I am TIRED.  So, so tired.

So, uh, tomorrow?

I gotta stop making these promises.  Life always gets in the way.

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