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Oh, I’ve missed you

February 12, 2009

It’s not like Joss Whedon’s been out of the game.  He has a new show starting tomorrow.  (On FOX.  On a FRIDAY.  Sigh.)  He’s been all over the game.  Like, dude has a basketball in one hand and a baseball bat in the other and some skates on his feet.  And still manages to blow me away every time.

This time, I finally got my hands on Angel: After the Fall, which is the canonical sixth season of the TV show Angel, except that it’s now a comic book.  I missed these characters, yes, all of them, but mostly?  I missed being shocked.  Absolutely shocked.

The first time I was ever shocked while watching TV, I was about twelve years old.  I’d started watching some nerdy Star Trek show because I saw a picture of this kid, Wil Wheaton, in Bop or The Big Bopper or whatever, and even though they made him look absolutely ridiculous on the show, *I* knew he was hot.  I’d seen photographic proof.  So I started watching this show and I LIKED it.  It had a cool, Euro-something chick who could read emotions, and her will-they-or-won’t-they ex, and her slutty mom, and the captain was so AWESOME, could there be a more awesome captain?  (The answer is no.)  And then there was this really neat android guy and this big grouchy dude, and the guy from Reading Rainbow.

Then one day, when no one was home but me, the captain was ASSIMILATED BY THE BORG.  I almost had a freakin’ heart attack!  I literally screamed and ran up to the TV and put my hand on it.  I think I might’ve thrown something at the TV.  There was no episode after that!  What the hell was that!?!  I had to wait HOW LONG to find out how it ended?  SCREW YOU GUYS!

Aww, man, that was great.

Buffy shocked me, it did, but there was something about the Angel twists that shocked me harder.  That end of the first season reveal?  OH. MAH. GOD.  I didn’t think I could ever be that surprised again.

Well, I don’t know, maybe I haven’t been, but last night, while reading After the Fall?  It was Locutus-level shock.  It was “WHAT’s in the box?!??!?!” shock.  My mouth dropped open and stayed open so long I felt like an idiot.  Like, I realized it was STILL OPEN and I couldn’t even close it yet.  It was still another thirty seconds, and then it only half-closed and it was still another ten or fifteen seconds before I started laughing, hysterically.  Like I was in shock.  Go figure.

Buffyverse fans might think of giving a pass to the comics because they’re comics, but that’d be a mistake.  The stories that are being told in both series are just as good as the show.  I’ve already said to everyone I know that Buffy: Season Eight might be one of my favorite seasons.  Like, way up there.  With five, even.  And this season of Angel?  Shock value alone, it’s gotta be in the top two.  Definitely the second biggest shock I’ve ever had with this show–and by the way?  That was just one time they pull the rug out from under you.  I swear, the whole book is like a cycle “Heh.  HA!  HOLY SHIT!!!!!!”

Mad, mad props to Brian Lynch for the job he’s done on this book.

Now I’m going to go see if my library has some of his Spike stuff.

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