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Okay so it might be…

March 14, 2009

…that I may have misplaced my book and notebook again.  However!  There are like 8 more hours before I have anything specific I need to do (heh), so I promise that I will make it one of my main priorities.  It’s not like me to lose stuff, but I’ve been feeling kinda unmotivated this week.  With grad school looming, I feel very much like I need to be a total slacker, because who knows when I’ll have time to slack again?  Except…I don’t actually enjoy slacking.  It makes me feel bad about myself.  So that makes the sense that is none.

Also, my book club co-mod is taking a break, so I’m in charge of that for the time being.  It isn’t a huge deal but it’s responsibility I wasn’t expecting.  Hm.

Also, some family issues popped up this morning that are distracting my head, but not my body.  My body is going to keep looking for the stuff!  You deserve a recap!  I’m dying to WRITE the recap!

Okay, that’s enough whining and excusing myself.  Off to look.

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