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Night World: Secret Vampire Part 1

April 11, 2009

I would be the one called “Alana” and the recapper from …In the Attic would be the one called “Liss.”  That’s not her real name, by the way; that’s what I call her.  I’m weird like that.  Certain links were put in later, for clarity.

[16:06] Liss: God, though, rereading this book…it’s so 90s
Liss: So very, very 90s.
Alana: The Net!
Alana: THE NET!
Liss: I’ll get on THE NET
Liss: Trance!
Alana: I have to say though, despite how dated it feels, it’s still about 37x more likable than Vampire Diaries
Alana: Hey, I like trance!
Liss: I do too, but come on. The 90s were the heyday!
Alana: In one and a half chapters, Poppy has more personality than Elena manages in an entire book.
Liss: Everyone was all “Whoa…trance”
Liss: Yeah, I like Poppy. I really like her mom.
Alana: I like EVERYONE!
Alana: Except Cover!James
Liss: I like moms in teen books who are actually moms!
Alana: who looks twelve
Liss: “You are going to the doctor! Put on pants! Eat breakfast!”
Alana: Can we just talk about the cover for a second? What version do you have? The reprint or the old one?
Liss: The old one. Not the creepy new one.
Alana: I would like to put Poppy’s mom on a reality show with Elena’s Aunt Judith and Alice Wakefield.
Liss: It’s weird, the new ones, with one cover for what, three books?
Liss: God, she’d own them. Alice would just tak about design and Aunt Judith…wouldn’t notice much.
Alana: Yeah, now I’ve got to look that up and guess which character it is. There’s that one girl with the dark hair and it’s all frizzy and crazy and I’m like “Hello, 1990s but I wouldn’t want to buy that book. No one has that hair anymore.”
Alana: Aunt Judith would wring her hands a lot.
Liss: Yeah, Cover!James sucks. He looks like Corey Feldman.
Alana: NOOO I can’t believe you just did that to me.
Alana: And also, Corey F’s face was never so thin-looking.
Liss: Not even the Haim.
Alana: Hey, who’s that guy from Secretary who looks EXACTLY LIKE Corey Feldman? It was scary.
Liss: And is Poppy wearing a jean jacket with pleather sleeves?
Alana: He even sounds like him.
Liss: Ohhh….man, he’s on LOST now.
Liss: I always wanted to win that flower pin.
Alana: I think that’s really really extra-shiny but it’s supposed to be a vesty-jacket over a sweater. What’s that godawful fabric you can buy at K-Mart? Whatever I’m thinking of, that’s what it is.
Alana: Mine supposedly had free stickers inside but I think someone stole them before I bought the book.
Liss: Cover!James looks so bored. And wipe your mouth, guy, jeez.
Alana: Sloppy eaters are the worst.
Liss: Secret nerd vampire
Alana: Secret Nerdpire.
Alana: The first one IS the one with the frizzy-haired chick.
Liss: I assume it’s Poppy, because of the curls.
Alana: Look at adorable Cover!Poppy!
Alana: She looks so young, so pale, so sick.
Alana: But in a good way, not a “heroin chic for the new millennium” way
Liss: If it’s not Poppy, then it’s my beloved Mary Lynette, who doesn’t have curls, or Thea or Blaise, and she’s not witchy-gorgeous enough for them.
Liss: Whoever she is, she’s about 25.
Alana: NewCover!Poppy (MAYBE POPPY) looks like Eurotrash.
Alana: And Eurotrash, as we all know, should be saved for Vampire Diaries.
Alana: I’m going to go with Blaise.
Alana: Because I never liked Blaise. And I don’t like CoverGirl.
Liss: Or Julian. Julian’s like supernatural EuroTrash.
Alana: Julian is David Bowie as Eurotrash.
Liss: Oh Forbidden Game.
Alana: David Bowie couldn’t be trashy if you paid him. He’s so classy. So handsome and funny and classy. *sigh*
Alana: His Zoolander cameo is one of the best cameos ever. EVER.
Liss: I do like how Cover!James doesn’t appear to have rolled up his sleeves or anything–he’s wearing a 3/4 sleeved leather jacket.
Alana: But I digress.
Liss: I love DB, but he sadly has no role in Secret Vampire.
Alana: There’s sort of a V on the right side. That could be a signed it’s rolled up. I think they went too shiny with the cover. His skin is shiny too.
Liss: Oh god, do they shine now too?
Alana: SPARKLING is not SHINING, dear.
Liss: Maybe lamia shine.
Alana: I suppose we should do an overview of the series for those who read this who are unfamiliar with the books. I think that’s only one person (Hi Jake! <3) but he deserves to know what’s going on.
Liss: I like that there’s a zombie on the left hand side of the cover. Because zombies are so prevalant in the Night World.
Alana: And the girl screaming. Quite frankly, it’s less horror, more romance, cover people. (And they redid all the Pike covers with the same painter/company later, which was actually way more horrifying than anything Smith ever wrote. And maybe even Pike, if you don’t count the incest lizards.)
Liss: There are no incest lizards in the Night World, either. Although maybe the dragons go there.
Liss: Maybe that’s in Strange Fate. [To clarify, this is the final Night World book.  It has yet to be released, despite the series beginning in 1996.]
Alana: Oh wait, we don’t have to come up with our own synopsis. The book gives us one.
Alana: “The Night World…love was never so scary.”
Alana: Love was never so heterosexual.
Liss: I always thought Quinn and Ash were awfully sniping in that bantering sort of way.
Alana: Considering how many of the Night World’s inhabitants don’t actually need to go out in the night, it’s sort of a silly name, isn’t it?
Liss: But it’s spooooooooky
Alana: “The Night World isn’t a place. It’s all around us.” It’s a CONCEPT, Liss.
Alana: OMG
Liss: It’s a lifestyle.
Alana: I didn’t reread this part when I read the book; I went straight to the first page. “It’s a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches, and other creatures of darkness that live among us […] Your high school teacher could be one, and so could your boyfriend.”
Alana: Zombies COULD fit in there.
Alana: Liss, my non-existent boyfriend could be one!
Liss: But your boyfriend SHOULDN’T be. OMG RULES
Liss: Unless he’s using you for food
Alana: The rules are as follows:
Alana: 1) Never let them find out the Night World exists. (Them = Muggles.)
Alana: 2) Never fall in love with one of them.
Alana: It’s propaganda, anyway, to avoid mudbloods.
Liss: Hahaha
Alana: “These are stories about what happens when the rules get broken.” Don’t you hear the Law & Order noise there? *doink doink*
Liss: I do now
Liss: Where’s the goddamn Batman?
Alana: It makes me sad that that icon doesn’t have Gordon & Two-Face where Orbach and What’s-his-face are.
Alana: Alana vs. Night World: “It’s because I’m a lesbian, isn’t it?”
Liss: Hahahahaha, that would be good
Liss: I loved that scene. I loved his face: “Er…what? No.”
Alana: [My ex-boyfriend] looked at me and went “WHAT?” and I was like “AWESOME!”
Alana: Plus, she was Kate from Angel.
Alana: We haven’t even gotten to the first page.
Liss: Right!
Liss: Okay, okay.
Alana: Hee.
Liss: Business.
Alana: To recap the recap so far: The cover sucks and Poppy’s mom rocks. Wow, we’ve done so well.
Liss: Seeeeeeeeeeecret vaaaaaaaampire, that’s what you are
Alana: The first line is awesome. Seriously.
Liss: It’s one of the great opening lines of fiction.
Alana: “It was on the first day of summer vacation that Poppy found out she was going to die.”
Liss: It’s like the opening of “The Haunting of Hill House” or “The Metamorphosis.”
Alana: I promise to only cry a little. Seriously, I’ve always felt bad for Poppy, but now I am a mess because of my friend. I put the book down like 4 times in the first three chapters to take a moment. Poor Poppy. It makes me like her even more though.
Liss: It’s summer! It’s vacation!
Alana: It’s probably beautiful out, and it doesn’t matter, because death lingers over this poor, young girl.
Alana: And you know what? She really is young.
Liss: 16 or 17
Liss: About to be a senior in high school, anyway
Alana: Smith does a great job of portraying her as a normal teenager, especially compared to the more Wakefield-like teenager that Elena is.
Liss: Night World teenagers (the human characters anyway) really are
Alana: She has interests, too, more than just boys, which puts her leaps and bounds ahead of Our Special Snowflake.
Alana: She’s boy-crazy–well, James-crazy–but it doesn’t define her world.
Liss: It’s just part of her, which is okay.
Alana: I think Smith must’ve gone to a writer’s retreat or something between the series.
Liss: Did it have spirit animals?
Alana: Picked up some tricks of the trade.
Alana: I believe everything in her world has spirit animals.
Alana: And then she jumps right into Poppy’s character by saying that it’s the Monday after vacation started, the “real” first day. This tells us so much about Poppy–what I was saying before about her being young. It’s such a kid way to think. Unlike a certain other heroine of a certain other book with a vampire who’d be lethargic and whiny about it–OH GOD I JUST GOT WHY BELLA’S LAST NAME IS SWAN.
Alana: How was I so dim before?
Alana: How did I miss that??
Alana: I’m the biggest fool.
Liss: No no
Alana: I was trying to remember what Poppy’s last name was, and comparing her to Bella in my head, and…there it was. One of those obvious-afterward epiphanies.
Liss: I like that Poppy’s bathroom is turquoise and gold. It’s like a classy hotel!
Liss: Oh and her last name is North
Alana: Right, because she has a stomach pain. (By the way, readers, long-term stomach pain IS a sign that you may have cancer. I know this from real life, so pay attention to what your body’s telling you.)
Alana: Her stomach pain has been around a while but Poppy, ever-cheerful, is ignoring the hell out of it.
Liss: It clears up in the bathroom, so she takes the time to look in the mirror so that we can get an idea of how she looks.
Alana: Okay, there’s her last name. When we find out how cute she is.
Liss: She has four and a half freckles!
Alana: Four and a half freckles–I love that detail. Why are people with freckles so crazy about their freckles? Especially when everyone else without freckles finds them cute. But my daughter flips in the summer when her nose freckles.
Liss: I went to a club once and apparently the blacklight made all of my freckles pop.
Alana: She has “wild coppery curls.” Not quite like the spiral perm on the cover, but okay. I can live with that.
Alana: That’s so cute! Er…no, it’s totally cute! You should’ve taken a picture. Or 400.
Liss: She has green eyes, as most book redheads do.
Liss: Apparently it was hilarious to all of my friends.
Alana: And a twin brother, who we meet when she goes downstairs!
Liss: Poppy looks like an elf but her brother does not.
Alana: Wait, does it say downstairs or am I just assuming because all book houses have a downstairs?
Alana: He’s a Viking!
Liss: It doesn’t say. I always imagined it being a ranch house for some reason.
Alana: You’re probably right.
Alana: Philip reminds me of every guy in an ’80s movie with blond hair and preppy clothes.
Liss: I think because it’s in CA, with the hills and everything.
Liss: That’s pretty much Phil. He’s tall, he’s blond, he eats Special K.
Liss: Poppy, on the other hand, eats one Frosted Flake. Dry.
Alana: God, Poppy is so adorable when she talks about the “deliberate malice in the makeup over the universe” (that he’s so gorgeous and she’s only a cutie pie).
Alana: I want to say that this is Smith’s need to teach girls to embrace their inner anorexic, but no. It’s another sign that there is something Very Wrong with Poppy. But frankly, it doesn’t register too much.
Liss: I like that she admits that he has nice eyes–because they’re the same as hers.
Liss: Teenager!
Alana: Hee.
Liss: Oh, and Philip’s also reading the paper.
Alana: As all obviously-Republican teenagers do.
Liss: While their twin sister dances around the kitchen in a tee shirt
Alana: He’s very Alex P. Keaton.
Alana: Alex was always very protective of his sisters too.

alexpkeatonPhilip K. North.  With less Viking.

Alana: I love her mock-menace at him for being so much more attractive and how she can’t keep it up because she’s such a silly, mercurial sweetheart.
Alana: I think I love Poppy. I either want to date or adopt her.
Liss: Awwwwww
Alana: Oh, they mention Cliff!
Alana: I also love Cliff.
Liss: I was just writing that!
Alana: Not because there’s much to love about him, but because Smith does a few handy-dandy shorthands that makes us get to know Cliff even when he doesn’t even speak.
Alana: But that comes in a minute–I’ll point it out then because I really really love it.
Liss: And Poppy is a sex pixie, or so she’d like us to believe.
Liss: Through song.
Alana: Okay, so date her then. I don’t want to raise a sex pixie.
Alana: However, DATING a sex pixie could be interesting.
Alana: (I am so gay in this recap. I’m so straight when I talk about Damon.)
Liss: HA!
Liss: I’d like to also mention that Phil was on the football team, hockey team, and baseball team.
Alana: AND class president, right?
Liss: Yes indeed!
Liss: He’s like Sam the Eagle

sampkeatonThis would look 100x funnier if I had Photoshop and could clean it up.

Alana: I love that James comes in when Poppy’s still in her jammies. It tells us right off the bat how close they are.
Liss: In his wraparound Ray-Bans.
Alana: Heeeee. I miss my prescription Oakleys. I used to find ways to wear them to school.
Alana: “Sorry, my glasses broke!” (Lie. I just looked cool in those sunglasses.)
Liss: I had those glasses that darkened in the sun.
Liss: HIP
Alana: Transition lenses?
Liss: Yeah
Liss: James looks like James Dean
Liss: In that rebel way
Alana: Well, that’s fortuitous and not very Feldmanesque.
Liss: It is now, people will google that.
Liss: James has light brown hair and grey eyes. Pardon me: SILKY hair as well.
Alana: Like the way someone got to my journal by typing in “ouiaboo.”
Alana: Silky sounds washed. So he’s already ahead of RPattz by like 100 points.
Liss: Someone found my blog by googling “Edward Cullen hair”.
Liss: I hope they were looking for advice.
Alana: My advice is “Wash that mess.”
Alana: It’s really simple.
Liss: But James! James is clean, and seeing him makes Poppy happy.
Alana: Which makes me happy.
Alana: Because I love Poppy.
Liss: I’m just glad when love makes somebody happy and it’s not all tortuous and painful.
Alana: And it’s really not!
Alana: This is such a departure for Smith.
Liss: Phil, however, does not like James.
Alana: No, Phil is not Team James.
Liss: He’s a brother.
Alana: But, being the considerate imaginary girlfriend that I am, I am Team James. A James/Poppy shipper if you will.
Alana: I don’t have any brothers, so I don’t know this. You have brothers, right?
Liss: He makes sure to namedrop James’ TWO girlfriends, whom James has dumped, as is his summertime wont.
Liss: I have two brothers.
Alana: Are they overprotective? Have they ever beat up your boyfriend? Or threatened to?
Alana: My kid laughed when Charlie had the shotgun in Twilight. It’s funny because my ex always swore he was going to do that when she grew up.
Liss: Not really, but they’re younger than me. I know they’ve disliked a BF of mine, but it never came to beating him up. And they’ve both had lots of luck with GFs (and for one of them, wife), so I’ve never had to step up.
Alana: You ARE a bruiser.
Liss: I really am. [Note: Liss is a derby girl.]
Liss: I’m not class president, though.
Alana: You’re the president of MY class, bb.
Liss: D’awwww
Alana: So, James’s girlfriends.
Liss: Jacklyn and Michaela.
Liss: Those are pretty soap opera skank names
Alana: We learn that James always drops girls “just before summer vacation.” (Our readers don’t know that I have given up the j-word because of my addiction to it, so any use of it will hopefully be in quotes.)
Alana: Do you think he was doing double-date nights?
Alana: Or spreading them out–er, no pun intended?
Liss: I’ve always wondered.
Alana: Were they aware of one another? Are they POLY??? There’s a lot of almost-poly in Smith books. I hear the Strange Fate girl has two soulmates or something?
Liss: He is the hottest guy in school, and he has his own apartment.
Alana: That makes him the hottest guy in school even if he wasn’t the hottest guy in school.
Liss: Oh yeah
Alana: Or it makes him any random character in a manga.
Alana: I remember my first boyfriend with an apartment. You could have sex whenever. AWESOME.
Liss: But not in Smith books!
Alana: No, no sex in Smith books, only sex metaphors.
Liss: Although Thierry and Hannah totally do it.
Alana: James has his own apartment because he’s –THEY DO?
Alana: I haven’t read that one in ages.
Alana: I’m pretty sure I have it though.
Liss: They’re just described as so much older than the others
Alana: Ooh, we forgot to mention Poppy’s description of the bimbos.
Liss: Hannah’s 18 or so, and Thierry’s, well, old
Liss: Oh yeah!
Liss: Jacklyn’s got the legs, and Michaela has the chest, so James was really just trying to create one ultimate girlfriend
Alana: Frankengirlfriend.
Alana: My one professor, despite being like 200 years old, had never heard the word “pneumatic” before. For those with limited vocabularies, it means “big boobs.” No, wait, it means full of air. Ancient Greek comes in handy once again, yes?
Liss: Or, “Brave New World”, which describes Lenina as such several times.
Alana: That’s why I was surprised he didn’t know the word. I’ve heard Mae West described that way too.
Liss: Maybe the Night World encourages manwhoredom.
Alana: I know I do. Sort of.
Alana: Only if the girls get the same freedom.
Liss: I do from sexy vampires with their own apartments.
Alana: He’s like the manager, though. Well, like a cross between manager and janitor.
Liss: Poppy is thrilled that the bimbos are gone, as she’s planned for years to marry James.
Alana: Which on one hand, responsibility is sexy. On the other, he’s like a janitor.
Liss: He makes it cool!
Alana: But she’s also going to see the world.
Alana: So…the balance is like…wow. Smith discovered feminism!
Liss: I love that she’s planned to marry him for years and “hasn’t gotten around to informing” him yet.
Alana: This is where we find out that Poppy has interests! Real non-boy interests! And they’re freaky!
Liss: I had one of those in high school.
Alana: I feel the same way about David Tennant, though.
Liss: He’s now neither my husband, nor a vampire, but still. It’s so very teenager.
Alana: It is. It’s sweet.
Alana: This is pretty much the only “childhood romance” I can get behind. They’re usually so irritating.
Liss: I also love that Poppy includes “salon fingernails” as one of the bimbo traits.
Liss: Thanks Poppy.
Alana: James and Poppy, despite her supposed childishness, are pretty mature as a friend/couple. I mean, most people their age can’t do the opposite-gender friendship thing.
Alana: Hey, I’m on Team Poppy here.
Alana: Waste of money.
Liss: It’s also never implied that Poppy’s never had a date or a crush on anyone else, it was just never serious.
Liss: Keeps me from biting my nails and my natural ones from tearing. But to each their own,
Alana: And she’s absolutely willing to wait for James, but not in a creepy stalker way, more of a–oh wait, that specific line is so good.
Alana: “Right now he still thought he liked long-legged girls with salon fingernails and Italian pumps.” You know what I like about this line?
Liss: What’s that?
Alana: We don’t have “Poppy’s so young, and therefore she acts young in everything.” There’s a sense here that, maturity-wise, she’s a bit ahead of James.
Alana: Now, we know that she’s mistaken because James has been hiding his love for her, but still.
Alana: Again, there’s a balance going on here.
Alana: And it doesn’t come off condescending, only cute.
Liss: That’s true.
Alana: It’s Poppythink, which is cutethink.
Liss: And James brought a new CD!
Alana: Ethnotechno!
Liss: Because they acutally SHARE a like, something that they both enjoy, not just something that Poppy is into because James is!
Alana: Oh I meant to look that up–let me do it now, because I’ve never heard those words smooshed together before.
Alana: I love that they share an interest!
Alana: Do Bella and Edward share any interests?
Liss: …………………………….
Alana: Do Elena and Stefan share (or HAVE?) any interests?
Liss: Elena
Alana: HA
Alana: I walked into that.
Liss: Bella and Edward like doing it, once they get there.
Liss: And as we all know, that’s a good thing to base a relationship on.
Alana: Ethnotechno
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name.
Liss: Maybe it’s the band?
Alana: Ooh! I found a hit…sort of
Liss: I’m imaging Deep Forest or Dead Can Dance or something like that.
Alana: Me too
Alana: a fusion of western, oriental and African music styles (sometimes labelled as “world fusion” or “ethno-techno”)
Liss: Poppy is excited about it, whatever it is, and she almost runs into her mom.
Alana: So this is a real genre, but not a popular one.
Alana: Her mother is Grace Kelly!
Alana: Everyone here is from old movies! Good for them!
Alana: Well, she doesn’t say Kelly specifically, but when you say cool, blonde, and Hitchcock…there Kelly is.
Liss: I’ve always liked that Poppy is clearly the odd one out in her family, but not in a bad way.
Liss: She’s not blond, not put together, she’s just Poppy!
Alana: She’s more like her mysteriously-as-yet-unmentioned father, we assume.
Liss: Mmmhmmm
Liss: I imagine he’s also the one who named her Poppy.
Alana: Poppy’s mom actually parents right before Poppy passes out.
Alana: Oh absolutely.
Liss: I like the “What are you kids going to do” look Mom gives Poppy and James.
Alana: I’m not rereading the part about the awesomeness of summer again. Every time I think about Poppy’s life being cut short, I start getting weepy.
Liss: Platonic long-term friend or not, that’s a boy in your teenage daughter’s bedroom.
Alana: I bet she makes them leave the door open.
Alana: I’ve always had more respect for moms who do that.
Liss: Oh yeah
Alana: Mine didn’t, and see what happened?
Liss: I would.
Liss: I bet Poppy can’t go over to James’ bachelor pad.
Alana: (Then again, this one guy I dated–his mom did, and we never had sex, but he knocked someone up before high school was over, I think. Maybe.)
Alana: I bet she has a reasonable curfew, which is dependent on what the night’s activities are.
Liss: Yay Mom!
Alana: But Poppy passes out
Alana: While thinking about the beautiful summer ahead of her.
Alana: Or she almost passes out?

This actually goes on for another 7 pages in Word, but I cannot edit any more.  At this point it’s already over a thousand words longer than my usual recap, so I think I’ll just post this and get the rest up tomorrow.  Sound good to everyone?  Good.

And PLEASE let us know what you think of this.  It’s a whole new format for us, so we’d love the feedback!

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  1. April 12, 2009 2:50 am

    I love the new format! It’s very…comfortable. I mean that this is the kind of conversation I would be having about Nightworld

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 12, 2009 10:01 am

      How was the length? I thought the conversational aspect of it made for faster reading than one of my solo recaps, but it was still FIFTEEN PAGES long all told. This post is only 8 of them.

  2. April 12, 2009 8:08 pm

    So funny! I love the conversational tone, and you’re right, Alana: it does make for faster reading when done in that format. Of course I love your regular recaps, too!

    Count me in with Team Salon Fingernails. My hypothyroidism makes my real nails dry and brittle, so they just don’t grow well. I *heart* my fake nails.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 12, 2009 9:39 pm

      I’m so anti-girly it’s ridiculous. If I thought I could get away with shaving my head, I would.

      But I like skirts.

      I’m weird like that.

      Also, I heard “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” today on my iPod and thought of you. And now I’m remembering I need to charge my iPod. Thanks! 😀

  3. Thierry permalink
    April 13, 2009 8:49 am

    Love it! This sounds like a conversation I would have about NW too 🙂 Just the right amount of snark – these books are actually harder to snark on IMO.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 13, 2009 10:18 am

      They ARE harder to snark because they’re really good, barring the whole heteronormativity thing.

  4. djr permalink
    April 13, 2009 10:42 am

    *waves* I’m going to have to start reading just so I’m not odd man out.

    I’m going to jump on the format bandwagon as well.

    And now I’m going to go read part 2 and probably comment there as well.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 13, 2009 10:53 am

      You’re the odd man out by being a man, baby. (Actually, Freg supposedly reads here sometimes too.)

      REEEEEAD. REEEEEEAD. REEEEEAD. These ones are way less offensive than the others.

  5. djr permalink
    April 13, 2009 12:12 pm

    But actually knowing the books I’m reading about would make me less odd!

    …Er, I think.

  6. bookslide permalink*
    April 13, 2009 12:54 pm

    You’re right.

  7. April 14, 2009 9:56 am

    Yay Cory Haim! And Alex P. Keaton!

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 14, 2009 10:24 am

      I used to be Team Haim, but now I’m not sure…there’s a lot to be said for Feldman.

      I want to watch their reality show, but I’m terrible with reality. Heh.

  8. April 15, 2009 7:24 am

    Oh, I agree. I’ve been on board with Feldman since Lost Boys. Yay Frog Brothers.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 15, 2009 10:51 am

      Dream a Little Dream is what got me. I rewatched it recently and…still so good.


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