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Night World: Secret Vampire Part 2

April 12, 2009

Before I get to the next part, I need to do something. Something important. Because, as I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have Photoshop. And for some reason, my graphics program eats all text. So a fabulous person by the Livejournal username of zombieflowers made it possible for me to have my very own “incest lizards” icon, which I will be using any time incest comes up in conversation. Being me, and reading what I read (no, not fan fiction, I meant VC Andrews and Christopher Pike and Greek tragedy and the like), this icon was necessary for my VERY EXISTENCE. So as a thank you, I will now pimp zombieflowers’s Etsy account:

Please check her out, not only because she fulfilled my need to use the term “incest lizards” on a regular basis, but also because her stuff is cuuuuuuuute.

And now, let me turn the floor over to…uh, me. The me from yesterday, though:

Liss: She drops a carton of milk when she does, and when she comes to, she notices that James has caught it.
Alana: Look, he CAUGHT it. What does THAT remind you of? A certain APPLE?
Liss: Oooooooooooooooo
Liss: Whatever man, James did it first.
Alana: I wish I knew Twihards who fought with me about how Vampire Diaries copied everything.
Alana: Maybe they’ll come out when the show starts.
Alana: I know I could go search for them, but I’d like to pretend I have a life.
Liss: I’m sure they’re out there.
Alana: Poppy’s mom actually remembers something from the past. (I don’t think Alice Wakefield remembers anything except that she once dated Hank Patman.) She remembers Poppy hasn’t been feeling well for quite a while.
Liss: Poppy mentions her stomach pain and her mom, recalling that Poppy had complained of the pain a month or so before, is immediately all business.
Liss: Alice Wakefield was also once a hippy. Mama Hilhard was never a hippy.
Alana: In one line, Poppy’s mom lays the smackdown, tells us that she’s a good mother who has boundaries for her daughter, and suggests that other things are negotiable, which is a sign of trust. I LOVE IT.
Liss: Poppy goes to get dressed and Phil gives James ‘tude for following her.
Alana: No, but it’s okay, because James and Poppy are awesome friends. My male roommate sees me in a towel all the time and we don’t care.
Liss: But are you a sex pixie?
Alana: It’s like the first time I realized I loved Buffy. It wasn’t because of the funny lines or Alyson Hannigan. It was because Buffy and Xander were standing so close, and you never see that between a guy and a girl on a TV show unless they’re interested in one another. Alana: I am not, unfortunately, a sex pixie.
Liss: Poppy apologizes to James about having to go to the doctor and spoiling their day, and James gives her the special smile that only she gets to see.
Alana: Aww.
Alana: Every girl knows that smile.
Alana: Snoop Dogg has that smile. It’s the “I’m actually kinda shy” smile and it gets you every time.
Liss: James has also noticed that Poppy’s not feeling well.
Alana: He knows she’s not sleeping well!
Alana: I’ll tell you NOT how he doesn’t know.
Liss: Oh wait
Liss: James ISN’T a creeper.
Alana: I know that doesn’t make the sense, but YES HE DOES NOT SNEAK IN HER WINDOW TO KNOW THIS.
Liss: I love that this is the healthy version of a human/vampire relationship.
Alana: It’s more human than most human relationships in YA books. (Except Owen & …what’s her face. From Just Listen.)
Liss: I want a picture of Edward’s face in the big “no smoking” circle.
Liss: I always liked Nick and Cassie in Secret Circle.
Alana: But he wasn’t her destiny or something, right? I have to reread those later too.
Liss: Well, no, but he was cool about it and it was nice to see a relationship that wasn’t all about destiny.
Alana: Night World is so much healthier than TVD. When we do our Smith-con we need to talk to her about these changes in the characters.
Alana: There’s a lot of destiny here, unfortunately.
Alana: But we haven’t gotten there yet.
Alana: Uh…where were we again?
Alana: (As we reach hour 1 1/2)
Liss: Poppy and James are hanging out before she goes to the hospital.
Alana: James suggests that his parents don’t love him like Poppy’s parents love her.
Alana: I bet they never gave him a curfew.
Liss: She calls him Jamie, which only she can do.
Liss: It must be love, my brother kills with fire anyone who calls him Jamie.
Alana: We find out soon that James’s father is a psychiatrist. They’re always terrible parents, aren’t they? Like the cobbler’s son never wearing shoes.
Alana: I love the name Jamie.
Alana: It’s so much better than “Jim.”
Liss: Poppy and James have a serious gazing moment, then he pulls back,
Alana: Oh, she talks about how she feels there’s something about him she doesn’t know. But I love this description, “If he did tell her, it would be something important, something as shocking and lovely as having a stray cat speak to her.”
Alana: James has a relative coming to visit. Is this Ash?
Alana: I sure do love me some Ash.
Liss: It IS.
Alana: I want to kick Ash.
Liss: Yes indeedy. But in this one he’s still asshole Ash, and he’s not here yet!
Alana: James knows that Poppy’s mom is coming even though the ethnotecho is loud and stuff.
Liss: Hahaha, so my friend just logged on and messaged me, and her name actually IS Liss.
Alana: Your name is Liss too; you just haven’t accepted it yet.
Alana: There’s a quick cut here to Dr. Franklin’s office; it’s a little jolting, but it’s important because Dr. Franklin does the face change thing.
Alana: That’s when I started to cry the first time.
Alana: I’m doing much better today.
Liss: I’m glad
Alana: Dr. Franklin wants to run some tests.
Alana: Poppy’s mom is described as “efficient.” Bless her heart.
Liss: Poppy’s starting to relax, because her gallbladder was mentioned, and it sounds so silly that it can’t be serious.
Alana: You know whose writing this is better than? Lurlene McDaniel. Or is it MacDaniel? Or is her name something else and I’m misremembering it because I didn’t want to read about death all the time when I was a kid?
Alana: Oh, I love that line!
Liss: I never understood those books.
Alana: Girl gets cancer. Girl goes into remission. Girl dies. What am I supposed to take away from this, Lurlene?
Liss: And Poppy feels important, which is such a teenager reaction, because no one she knows has had to go to a hospital for ages.
Alana: There’s a lot of detail in these pages, which I appreciate, although it’s easy to skip over them when you recap. She did this test, this part of her body this and that. It could be this, it could be that. Very medical.
Alana: But then there’s the girl in the Children’s Hospital.
Alana: And she has no hair.
Alana: BAWWWWW. Did I mention I also recently watched the L Word episode where they shave Dana’s head?
Liss: And Poppy feels the way I do whenever I go to the oncologist–I’m not REALLY sick, so why I am here wasting everyone’s time?
Alana: I always forget you went through some of this stuff, right?
Liss: This is all really realistic, which is great, it would have been so easy to make it super melodramatic.
Liss: To an extent, yeah.
Alana: I’m sorry I’m being so self-absorbed.
Liss: No, don’t think that way! You’re not being that way at all.
Alana: My beloved college boyfriend died of cancer a couple years after we broke up, so all this stuff happening to my friend has been stirring up old wounds, and then this book and the L Word on top of that…I feel that people DO need to deal with fear and grief in a rather selfish way to get past it.
Alana: Maybe that will come up in later chapters. I hope so.
Liss: Absolutely. And everyone has to do it differently.
Alana: Poppy gets scared because she realizes the girl in the hospital could be her.
Alana: But then we flash back to her meeting James.
Alana: It’s very cute, of course.
Liss: She defends him on the playground!
Alana: Except for the thing with the lizard.
Alana: Smith is the queen of foreshadowing.
Liss: Although, that’s really just so little boy.
Alana: It is.
Alana: Finding dead animals, not having a problem with them…I couldn’t have done that as a kid. So maybe he’s weird, maybe he’s a vampire, could go either way at this point.
Alana: We hear that he became a little more normal and well-liked as time went on, but that didn’t change their friendship.
Alana: Poppy + James 4-ever
Liss: Because only she really knows him.
Alana: Which…eh.
Alana: That’s a teenager thing too. Except here it’s a metaphor, but still
Alana: When it’s Elena and Stefan, it’s annoying. Here it’s true.
Liss: Poppy and her mom go to wait for the results. This is the fastest hospital ever.
Alana: It sure is! But we’ll accept this so the plot can keep moving.
Alana: The technician’s neutral face is as scary as the doctor’s.
Alana: There’s a definite sense of dread at this point. Loving it.
Liss: Dr. Franklin wants to talk to Mom alone
Alana: Screw you, Dr. Franklin.
Alana: I’d be so pissed at that.
Alana: Poppy gets hella proactive, though, so good on her! She follows them.
Liss: Now Mom looks too calm
Alana: “There’s no cause for alarm.” Screw you AGAIN, Dr. Franklin.
Alana: Poppy gets to go right to testing because she hasn’t eaten–well, that sounds…kinda reasonable.
Alana: Mm, Frosted Flakes.
Liss: And telling her that the ERCP is short for something he can’t pronounce? Not funny!
Alana: No, not at all.
Alana: I think he’s trying too hard to be a pediatrician. He probably watched her grow up, but it’s time to treat her like an adult.
Liss: Exactly
Alana: She’s sixteen.
Alana: His name is Owen.
Alana: Darn him.
Alana: Owens should be good and cute, like Owen in Just Listen, and Owen in Buffy.
Alana: Oh, I didn’t notice this last time, but it says that Poppy packs “mystery books.” She has another preference! Yay!
Liss: They go home to pack her a suitcase and Poppy is worried.
Liss: Her mom actually tells her things, though.
Alana: It could be cancer. End of chapter two.
Alana: It’s a tumor. I can’t even make the obligatory joke.
Alana: Poor Poppy.
Liss: Poor Poppy.
Alana: *sigh*
Alana: Okay, so Poppy starts the next chapter by thinking about the bald girl.
Liss: She’s getting scared, but her mom assures her that whatever’s wrong, they will do anything and everything to fix it.
Alana: And Poppy, of course, wants to call James.
Liss: Which her mom allows, because she understands, which I like.
Liss: Moms are always against everything in these books.
Alana: She laughs when she says the C-word to him aloud, which breaks my heart. It’s so REAL. I really wonder how much of this is based off Smith’s own experiences. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: I really thought the reason Strange Fate never came out is because Smith herself had cancer. Without the internet to pack me up, I really told myself it was true. This book is probably the reason why.
Liss: I’ve heard things like that too, though I think someone in her family had it.
Alana: Her mother.
Liss: Ah.
Alana: James is going on…THE NET
Alana: And Poppy’s mom calls her “Poppet,” something I’ve never heard anyone say in real life.
Liss: He’s going to do some research on THE NET.
Alana: He’s going to meet Sandra Bullock on THE NET.
Liss: I’ve used the term poppet, but I’m a weirdo.
Alana: He uses his phone connection to get on THE NET.
Liss: I hope no one steals his identity!
Liss: Can you imagine what his laptop looks like?
Liss: We have to find a picture of an old school laptop.

laptopThere you go, Liss.

Alana: Or if they do, they then date me, because I could use someone with James’s identity in my life right now.
Alana: It’s probably the size of a briefcase.
Liss: It shows that he has money, though.
Alana: James is a little self-loathing, but I’ll let him get away with a little of it.
Alana: Compared to Stefan, it’s a soupcon.
Liss: He’s frustrated that he can’t help Poppy, which, vampire or no, is pretty normal.
Alana: He finds out she’s got about three weeks to three months to live. The summer, tops.
Alana: And this is where it says he knows something’s wrong because of his senses, not because he’s a stalker! TEAM JAMES.
Alana: Ugh, but then we have the eyeballs paragraph. :/
Liss: James has seen a lot of death, we’re told, and he doesn’t want to see that happen to Poppy.
Alana: Grosssss.
Alana: “Your body starts to shrink. You actually get smaller./Poppy was so small already.” AWWWW.
Liss: He’s always been afraid of hurting her! AWW JAMES
Alana: And not in a pathetic Edward Cullen way. I mean, yeah, he could probably pick up a tree, but it comes off way more practical than emo.
Liss: I was just writing that!!!
Alana: James isn’t condescendingly doing what’s best for her.
Alana: He’s living his life–or unlife–the only way he knows how. By the rules.
Liss: He’s built to be a predator, it makes sense that he’s really strong, and yeah, Poppy’s a tiny thing.
Liss: He knows that hurting Poppy physically isn’t the real reason that he keeps his distance, though.
Liss: He luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs her.
Alana: Well, no, it’s because the Night World laws say that you can’t fall in love with a human. How do you measure that, though?
Alana: We find out when he goes to see his dad, I guess.
Liss: Well first, he’s going to the bar.
Alana: Oh right.
Liss: James drives an Integra.
Alana: I don’t even know what that is.
Alana: I mean, besides a car.
Alana: Oh, we go back to Poppy in the hospital though, with the puns.
Alana: I love her more for her lame puns.
Liss: Poppyanna!
Alana: The Power of Poppytive Thinking!
Liss: I can’t imagine how it would feel to be 16 and in a children’s hospital.
Liss: It’s bad enough that you have to be there, but you’re also surrounded by Mickey Mouse or something.
Alana: She’s so pleased by the remote control for the bed. She’s such a kid. I want to adopt her again.
Alana: That’s why I always went for the more grown-up stuff when I did Child’s Play.
Alana: I was all about the older kids.
Liss: It’s time for Poppy’s tests, but she knows that she’ll never be ready, which is her grown up side coming out again.
Alana: I’m not going to say the last line of this section, because my heart will break.
Alana: But it’s a great line.
Alana: Back to James before my eyes well up again.
Alana: The club!
Liss: I looked up the Integra, and I guess it looks like a reasonable “kind of a bad boy” car.
Liss: But also sensible.
Alana: Did you look up a recent one or a ’96 one?
Liss: It’s a ’96!
Liss: I know nothing about cars, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith just picked a car name at random. It’s what I’d do.
Alana: ah, there it goes
Alana: The club is in the crappy part of town. And it’s seeeekrit.
Liss: It has a black iris on the sign,
Liss: Which, we’ll find out a book or so from now, is kinda classist on the part of the lamia.
Alana: and a werewolf named Ulf guarding it. ULF.
Alana: ULF.
Alana: Oh yeah, it is classist. Hm.
Alana: James being snotty to the werewolf seems a little out of character, I have to say.
Liss: Hahahaha Ulf.
Liss: Nice cover
Liss: At least it’s not Wolfgang
Liss: James is a jerk to Ulf, which, he’s in a bad mood, but everyone is kind of a jerk to werewolves.
Alana: Werewolves are people too!
Alana: Unless they’re pedophiles.
Liss: Obviously
Liss: James goes over to talk to 90s goth chick Gisele
Alana: So we have Ulf the wolf and Gisele the witch, whose eyeliner is “ancient-Egyptian style.” I like this because it’s both awkwardly-written but easy to understand. I know EXACTLY how her makeup is from those words.
Alana: She thinks she’s Death from Sandman.
Liss: Or Boxxy.
Alana: I live my life Boxxy-free, thankyouverymuch.
Liss: Hahahhaa, it’s better so.
Liss: But yeah, she’s going for the Death look.
Alana: James wants a spell for cancer.
Alana: And Gisele LAUGHS at him.
Alana: Uh…Gisele? That’s tacky.
Liss: Well, to be fair to Little Miss Goth-et, she does think he’s talking about his own kind.
Liss: Which, non-NW readers, is a lamia, which will get explained more later on.
Liss: James admits that he wants the spell for a human, and Gisele is not happy about this.
Alana: VERMIN!
Alana: We know she’s a witch, by the way, not just because we’re told, but because she’s controlling the flame on a candle. Witch teenagers are so emo.
Alana: Oh hell, I said “just.”
Liss: Next she’s going to balance a pencil on its point and play “Light as a Feather”.
Alana: Then someone’s hair will fall out–oh wait. TOO SOON.
Alana: Gisele’s like “Are you in love with vermin?” and James says “Them’s fightin’ words!” and flounces off to see his dad. Except not really because James is a good character. But another character, like Stefan, would’ve totally flounced.
Liss: Oh god, Stefan would have beaten his breast or torn his hair first.
Alana: Ah, a candid photograph of Gisele.
Alana: And had a flashback or four.
Liss: She’s annoyed.
Alana: I hate James’s dad.
Alana: I want to kick HIM, too. Must be the same side of the family as Ash.
Alana: I love that his last name is “Rasmussen.”
Liss: Drinking from your patients isn’t cool, James’ dad.
Liss: I won’t call him Jasper, he disgraces that name,
Alana: Yeah, he’s totally not being ethical, the asshole!
Alana: We know right off that he’s a big jerky.
Alana: It’s like sleeping with your patients–no worse, because they don’t remember.
Alana: So it’s like that episode of The Practice where the cute secretary goes to see The Hunk’s cousin who’s a dentist and he bites her boob.
Liss: Plus, he lets them leave with the puncture wounds still healing!
Liss: Sloppy!
Alana: Well, they heal up before she gets to the car. That’s my impression, anyway.
Alana: “rapidly-healing”
Liss: True, but what if someone other than James had been in the hall?
Alana: You’re totally right.
Alana: Sloppy.
Liss: We’d be such better vampires.
Alana: We would. We’d never get caught.
Liss: Ethical, non-whiny, organized.
Liss: I’d wear colors, even.
Alana: And we have that attractive thing down pat already, so it’s like we’re halfway there.
Liss: It’s true,
Liss: Though they do mention that Dr. Rasmussen has a French cuffed shirt, at least it’s not one of those shirts where the collar and cuffs are a different color.
Alana: Is that a dirty joke? James’s dad is surprised he’s there, but not because Poppy has cancer, but because James, IDK, expects him to CARE or something. Dick.
Liss: It wasn’t, but I walked right into that.
Alana: Hee.
Liss: Dr. James’ Dad is a huge dick.
Liss: We learn that James has a DARK SECRET.
Liss: Well, kinda.
Liss: Named Miss Emma.
Alana: Is it wrong that when James brings up Miss Emma, this is who I thought of: ? I mean, they ARE vampires. (Except that they’re lamia, I know.) So, traditionally, Miss Emma could’ve been Edwardian/Victorian/Regency–dammit, when is that set again?
Alana: (Good series, by the way, till the end.)
Alana: I’m a bad lit major cuz I don’t know my eras.
Liss: James doesnt’ want to see Poppy suffer, and his dad, being a dick, tells James that if he wants to preform a mercy killing, they’ll look the other way.
Alana: Grrrr.
Alana: GRRRRR.
Alana: I mean, don’t get me wrong. James’s dad grew up in another era.
Alana: The era where you’re a dick dad, obviously.
Liss: HA
Alana: No, seriously, these are the rules and they play by them. But he’s so damn smarmy.
Liss: The best part is that he doesn’t THINK he’s being a dick. He probably bought himself a “World’s Best Dad” mug off of THE NET after James left the office.
Alana: Oh lol, so true.
Alana: He also asks how school is, like a good parent.
Liss: Except that school is over.
Liss: Which, by only a few days, true, but still.
Alana: or it will be for Poppy, since James can’t think of any other options.
Liss: Uh oh
[18:27] Alana: End of chapter three!

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  1. wocket permalink
    April 12, 2009 9:38 pm

    I quite enjoyed the picture of the old-school laptop. Really added a nice touch.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 12, 2009 9:41 pm

      She asked for it. 😀

  2. Thierry permalink
    April 13, 2009 9:09 am

    Integras are made by Acura. They aren’t very “bad”. My mom still drives one from the 90s.

    However – a boy I had a crush on when I was 13 (oooh older boy) drove an Integra.

    Poppy + James 4eva is right!!

  3. djr permalink
    April 13, 2009 11:12 am

    This book is actually sounding pretty appealing, unlike how with TVD I started to want to read it just so I could have a front row seat to the train wreck (which is also why I might eventually end up watching Twilight, but I think I’m still stronger than that).

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 13, 2009 12:02 pm

      Honestly, I’d suggest book!Twilight over movie!Twilight, but I’m a foooooool.

      Maybe if you start NW now, you’ll finish all the books before she FINALLY publishes the last one.

  4. djr permalink
    April 13, 2009 12:09 pm

    I’d be happy enough just finishing up to where your reviews are at as you post them.

    Don’t you have homework?

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 13, 2009 12:51 pm

      Shut up; my homework is making me cry.

  5. djr permalink
    April 13, 2009 2:59 pm

    I’m sorry =(

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 13, 2009 3:32 pm

      PMS and stress. Be thankful.

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