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Night World: Secret Vampire Part 4

April 23, 2009

Alana: Chapter 6, dear!
Liss: James gives Poppy some water so that she can wash the blood away
Alana: I love that they’re in sync on this, and that Poppy’s doing something reasonable to get the blood off her, not wiping her sleeve and having Phil notice blah blah blah.
Alana: Poor Phil looks “unstable.”
Alana: I actually know twins where one is named Phil, and he’s not the straight-laced one. His brother Pat is. I’m amused now suddenly.
Liss: Poppy realizes that their mother told Phil that she’s going to die.
Alana: Yeah, so she’s suddenly sympathetic to him walking in on her private time with the school’s daddy of the mack, daddy.
Alana: You have to put that comma in for the pause.
Alana: Although it makes no sense.
Liss: I dig it
Alana: And we have another subtle piece of the puzzle: James tries to work the mojo on Phil and it totes doesn’t work. Poppy plays it off as Phil being way too emotional that moment, though.
Alana: She and James exchange a LOOK, though, so maybe it’s not Phil’s emotional state? oooOOoo
Liss: I love the foreshadowing.
Alana: Well, Smith is the queen of foreshadowing. She has a defter hand here though.
Liss: Poppy’s annoyed because she wanted to spend special times with her vampire boyfriend.
Alana: I love that their mother doesn’t like to drive at night. It’s like in She’s All That when the DJ says “Everyone do that dance I taught you” before the big dance scene–it’s a throwaway line but it gives him a reason to be there.
Alana: (Also I love in She’s All That where Freddie Prinze Jr says that he could work with fat, ugly, etc, but Rachael Leigh Cook’s character is too weird, too…feminist, basically. It makes it better than the great “Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto, you’re beautiful!” reveal of taking off one’s glasses and putting down one’s hair.)
Liss: Thomas Dolby was one of my first celebrity crushes.
Liss: And he didn’t call her music weird, in a nice brother touch
Alana: Yeah, Phil brought her her weird music, what a nice guy. The mom comes in, and Phil takes James out for a little brother-to-manwhore chat.
Liss: Phil thinks that James is going to take advantage of Poppy’s emotional state.
Alana: Oh hells, but then Poppy remembers that she might have not taken enough blood. WORRYING.
Liss: Which, way to read your sister pal, she’d of taken advantage of him herself long ago.
Alana: Oh yeah, cuz I know if I hadn’t touched that girl in like 11 years, I’m totally going to make my move when she’s been diagnosed with the death-cancer.
Liss: So hot.
Liss: James has about had it with Phil, but decides against killing him.
Alana: Come ON, Phil. Remember: babes fall for him. He doesn’t need a pity “I don’t wanna die a virgin!” fuck.
Alana: And if SHE did? Well, Phil should fucking THANK James for doing that for his sister.
Liss: Or at least respect her decisions.
Liss: Another mention of how Phil can’t be affected by James’ whammy.
Alana: And I didn’t like that Phil is like “Are you telling me you aren’t moving in on her?” and James PAUSES. At that point, there should’ve been a showdown, but it’s an excuse to give us a little glimpse into James’s head.
Alana: But in real life? That pause would’ve equaled a Todd Punch.
Liss: Ohhhh yeah.
Alana: James goes through six or seven gfs a year.
Alana: Can I say here, I don’t think Phil would’ve liked High School Me very much either, if that’s his criteria of slut.
Alana: That’s a couple of weeks of dating and realizing you’re not compatible.
Liss: Well, he’s uptight.
Alana: True.
Liss: Maybe he needs his own soulmate.
Liss:  🙂
Alana: “After two months, the bond between them became dangerously strong.” Hm. I mean, he says that taking blood puts the person in a vulnerable position.
Alana: But I wonder if that’s true.
Alana: I mean, you spend enough time with a guy alone and you think you’re going to be his special friend.
Alana: WHAT is this bond and HOW does it present? I find this a little vague.
Alana: James does end up showing off his superiority complex right here though, which is uncool. He thinks of Phil as a “stupid HUMAN.”
Alana: He’s like one step away from the v-word.
Alana: Or the M-word.
Liss: From my RPG past, I know that having too much blood from one person over time gets the drinker too attached, but that’s usually only if you’re drinking FROM another vampire.
Alana: Hee, you have an “RPG past.”
Alana: I’m going to let that go.
Alana: Because I love you.
Liss: Tabletop Vampire: The Masquerade, yo. [I TOLD her I was going to let it go.  But…]
Alana: I bet you watched the show.
Liss: Kindred: The Embraced? I own it, bb.
Alana: OMG I need to watch it. I only ever caught the first couple eps.
Liss: SO ’90s.
Liss: The highest jeans I’ve ever seen on “sexy” characters.
Alana: Thank God that supposed revival seems to be disappearing. Or maybe I haven’t caught up with Go Fug Yourself lately.
Alana: James buys into our fabulous idea of pretending he’s giving Poppy what she wants by pretending to be her girl while she’s all dying and stuff.
Alana: NO REALLY, James is all “I’m giving her what she wants” and Phil’s like “Don’t” and James is all “WhatEVER, Phil.” And we’re told he reallllly should’ve listened to Phil. DUN DUN DUNNNN.
Liss: Oooooooooo
Alana: This is actually contradictory because he’s not listening to Phil say to give Poppy a little space, but didn’t he say to himself on the last page that he NEEDS to give her space cuz of the connection problem?
Liss: Phil’s thoughts are “broadcasting” really loudly.
Alana: Right. Louder than most people.
Alana: It could be because he’s awfully upset.
Liss: Hmmmmm
Liss: You’re right.
Alana: Or it could be…FORESHADOWING.
Liss: James knows that Poppy’s cancer is serious. He read about it on THE NET.
Alana: Oh yeah. THE NET.
Alana: I had to read an article for school this week that referred to it as “The Net” cuz it was written ages ago.
Alana: I tried not to giggle the whole time. All I could think of was James on THE NET.
Liss: Back to Poppy.
Alana: She’s with her mom and they’re not saying anything.
Liss: She wants to tell her mom that everything’s going to be fine, but she knows that she can’t betray James.
Alana: I like that “she was full of alien blood already working its strange magic on her.”
Alana: Alien.
Liss: She sees James and what he is as different, but not necessarily better, BELLA SWAN.
Alana: Exactly, my girl.
Alana: So she falls asleep, because vampin’ is hard work, and when she wakes up, the smell of food makes her sick.
Alana: That’s NAUSEATED, by the way, not NAUSEOUS.
Alana: It takes Poppy’s mom one day to tell her what’s up, and even then Poppy has to initiate it. This is still bugging me. I should be over it by now, but I’m not. She’s SIXTEEN.
Liss: Yeah.
Alana: Poppy is starting to feel her mother’s pain. Not my choice of a superpower, but okay.
Alana: And she asks, flat out, if there were a cure but it meant never seeing each other again, would Poppy’s mom be okay with that?
Alana: The answer, by the way, is always yes.
Alana: You do whatever for your babby, because your babby deserves to live.
Liss: Poppy tells her mother that she doesn’t want her to be unhappy, and she realizes that she sounds like “Saint Poppy”, because if she was really dying, she’d be freaking out.
Alana: She sounds like Beth in Little Women, she thinks. Hee. I never read the book, I think; I only saw the movie.
Liss: You never read Little Women??
Alana: I have a lot of gaps, okay?
Alana: So I’m imagining Poppy as Claire Danes.
Alana: Except, you know, her hair color is real.
Liss: SNAP
Liss: I have My So-Called Life, too.
Liss: lol
Alana: It’s so expensive, I couldn’t justify the purchase, although eventually I might because I want the kidlet to see it. When she’s older. Did you ever read the novelization that takes place after the show ends? Brian Krakow loses his v-card to Rayanne’s MOM.
Liss: I’m going to pretend I never read that little tidbit of plot.
Liss: Nooo, Brian, noooo
Alana: I want to believe that the novelization was written based off the script ideas they discarded when they were canceled.
Liss: [I think this might’ve been a sad face, but copy/paste drops emoticons.  On the other hand, I prefer to think it was this:  D: ]
Alana: What’s sad is that I picked the thing up somewhere (either for free or supercheap) only a few years ago. And I don’t think I ever got a chance to see the last couple episodes of the show. Stupid MTV.
Liss: Digressions!
Alana: Yeah, but we’re almost done and I want to say ONE MORE DIGRESSIVE THING before we get back.
Liss: K
Alana: Brian Krakow–that is, Devon Gummersall–married the chick from Roswell and I’m pretty sure he sings on her latest CD and it sounds AWESOME. Okay, I’m done.
Alana: (I’m not positive cuz I got it off iTunes–no liner notes.)
Liss: He was on CSI New York as a real doll owner and I recognized him halfway through the ep and was horrified.
Alana: Aww.
Liss: And they are divorced, apparently.
Alana: She seems pretty kinky in her songs, so now I think of Brian Krakow as being a dom.
Alana: I loved him on The L Word.
Alana: Well, I loved to hate him.
Liss: Poppy’s doctors come by, and she can pick up images of the various tests from their thoughts, and she tells them that she just wants to go home.
Alana: Yes, Poppy is vampirically (OR IS SHE) pulling thoughts from everyone.
Alana: Everyone thinks she’s sooo well-read.
Alana: She feels like a hypocrite.
Alana: She calls James and tells him what’s up. She feels dizzy but she’ll be home, so he can meet up with her there. He tells her not to tell Phil, and she asks why. He says he’ll tell her but, UH-OH, he does not.
Liss: Yikes!
Liss: She goes home and everything is strange.
Alana: Like it’s her birthday.
Liss: People keep sending flowers.
Alana: Flowers DIE, people.
Alana: Send her a damn fruit bouquet.
Liss: Snack baskets.
Liss: Coffee baskets!
Alana: Sex toys.
Alana: …I know I’d be thinking it, if I were sixteen, a virgin, and going to die.
Liss: Phil would die.
Alana: That’d be funny.
Alana: I bet Phil freaks out when Poppy’s got her period and there are OMG RED THINGS in the bathroom trash can.
Liss: The mysterious DAD is mentioned.
Alana: ooOOoo
Liss: He’s a DJ. Also a stage magician and an artist.
Alana: In other words, he’s a flake.
Liss: I like that her mom admits that she misses him sometimes.
Liss: I mean, they were in love once, they had two kids, and while they clearly weren’t compatible, that doesn’t mean that they’re mortal enemies, either.
Alana: Right.
Alana: It’s not a bad break-up. I bet she got fed up with him, is all.
Liss: Yep.
Alana: She needed a Cliff.
Alana: Everyone’s out so she calls James to come over for some more blood-swappin’.
Liss: Things have changed between them, they’re both shy and gazey now.
Alana: And that’s cute.
Liss: I know!
Alana: Her pain is gone.
Alana: Thank goodness.
Alana: And he puts on the weird music so no one can hear them talk.
Liss: He was worried that she didn’t get enough blood the night before; they’ll both need to take more this time.
Alana: And she accepts that, not only because it will bring them closer together, but because it’s a necessary part of her survival. WIN.
Liss: She asks why he never fed on her before.
Alana: The rule is, he says, is that you can’t do that with someone in a caring way, because that’s dangerous for everyone involved.
Alana: You’re allowed to feel “the joy of the hunt” and that’s it.
Liss: Poppy doesn’t believe that James would ever kill anyone.
Alana: Except once he did. He exchanged blood with someone, but not enough, and obviously we’re getting set up for the story of Miss Emma in the next chapter. Which we’re not doing today. THE END.

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  1. Sam permalink
    April 23, 2009 11:41 am

    My So Called Life and ROSWELL! were two of my favorite shows in the 90s. FAV.OR.ITE.

    • bookslide permalink*
      April 23, 2009 12:26 pm

      I’ve read all the Roswell books, and a friend gave me the DVDs but I haven’t finished them yet. The first season is s-e-x-y though, AND it has Riker and Laura from General Hospital! YAY! (I love that they’re married.)

      Majandra’s CDs are so awesome. It bugs me that more people haven’t had exposure to them.

      • Sam permalink
        April 23, 2009 3:06 pm

        I have heard some of her songs and I agree – she is fantastic!

        As for the show – Seasons 1 and 2 are FABULOUS and then Season 3 was moved to UPN. I think it was in a super serious competition with Buffy at the time .. so you’ll notice a huge change in clothing and everything else in the 3rd season. Everything is more … rough.

      • bookslide permalink*
        April 23, 2009 10:15 pm

        Competition? Weren’t they showing one after another?

      • Sam permalink
        April 24, 2009 6:49 am

        Competition in the sense that Buffy was dark and rough and Roswell followed suit. The first 2 seasons are so much lighter. Then everyone started wearing black and heavy makeup. *sigh*

      • bookslide permalink*
        April 24, 2009 7:19 am

        Ehhh. I felt like they were painting themselves into corners by the second season when I caught an ep here or there way back when. The books wrapped up a little too neatly for me, though, so…actually, I dunno where I’m going with this comment. I’ll probably watch the whole thing in June though, when I have a school break.

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