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May 2, 2009

Liss has other commitments this weekend, and I should really focus on my schoolwork.  On the other hand, I feel bad about not giving you a recap this week after we’ve been so good for what feels like so long.  (Time is very dilated in my world, especially since I began the quarter system at school.)  So here’s the deal: If I can finish my homework today, AND get some of my final project work done, AND study for my midterm, then tomorrow, before I take my midterm, I will give you a little bonus recap.  Not going to say of what, but I think you’ll like it.  (There’s a hint in the categories though.)

So I’m going to go work on the homework thing now.  I only have one question left for one my class, which shouldn’t take TOO long, and then I have some wiki-based work for my other class’s assignment, and then on to final project work.  Eek.  Sounds like another busy day in the life of the Future Librarian.  I hope this is all worth it.

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