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Jeff was right.

May 12, 2009

My bff’s other bff said that Wolverine was “Not as good as X2 but better than X3.”

I’m going to agree with that assessment.

Of course, I went to Ebert’s review afterward, and I swear, we are starting to agree more and more on comic book movies.  Welllll, except maybe Watchmen.  Heh.  And then I went to Wikipedia and realized 1) “Hey wait, I wanted to see the other ending, but I’m not going to pay again to see it in hopes I’ll get it” and 2) There were some things I missed because they were either really subtle or poorly-written.  I’m going to go with the latter.  I THINK they didn’t want to dumb the movie down too much, but when you have a sort of bleh script with some seriously guessable lines–and you know what?  What the hell was up with “I’m the best at what I do”?  From what it looked like in the opening, the “best” thing was like, “Oh hey, I’m the best at getting back up after people kill me, which is why I do a good job” and then during the “team” sequence, he…stood there.  Seriously.  It was like he was there to hold back Creed.  Which is fine, if that had been made clear to us, but…it wasn’t.  Along with so much else.

Also, I was sort of annoyed by how much power they gave Gambit.  I’m firmly in the “Gambit’s a tool, but I like him anyway” camp and…Gambit is not, like, superpowery guy.  He’s more I-get-by-on-charisma guy.

I sort of liked the actor though.  Not sure why.  Probably for the same reason I hate Jeremy Sisto.

I didn’t really know who anyone was because I never read all the Weapon X stuff.  I mostly read trades and friends’ issues when it came to X-Men stuff, and to me Wolverine was the guy they put in all the books and hung out WAY too much with kids for someone who was old and a smoker.


Anyway, I got the “Japan” ending, which I thought was kind of worthless although…yay, Japan!  I do like all the Silver Samurai and Mariko stuff.  I would hope that when they make the sequel, they’ll give it a real fish-out-of-water thing, and that Logan won’t be immediately accepted by everyone.  Also, he could learn to freakin’ fight, because he’s no real fighter in the movie, I have to say.  He gets by on his powers, mostly–and I respect the HELL out of that for an origin movie.  I’m hoping that the next movie really delves into the creation of Wolverine as a great fighter, adapting to his altered self and honing his talents.

Yeah.  That’s what I want.

And a better female lead.  I actually liked the chick playing Silver Fox; she had a very “normal girl” vibe.  But the choice she makes at the end is really…not a choice one would make in that situation.  It’s more of a “hey look, we’re making a movie!” choice and it bugged me.

Also, Emma and Scott being in the same frame bugged me.  Oh, I think I said something rude.  Ha.  I was like “Oh, you bastards!”

Also, fuck you guys for using Emma’s secondary mutation.

This is getting kinda random.  (I’m not feeling well, although I’m feeling MUCH better than I did after watching the movie–I had severe vertigo, although I don’t know if that was entirely the movie’s fault.)  I’m going back to bed.

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