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Almost done!

June 7, 2009

I finished my big project.  Now I have a multiple-choice statistics test to do and I’m finito.


Yeah, no problem.

…If my phone doesn’t stop ringing.

I’m trying to decide whether I want to do what I used to do in undergrad: class reviews, prof reviews.  It might be better to write them, keep them in a file, and wait till I graduate, but I like the idea of helping people make class choices.  Although, I hear two of the classes I’m taking now are going away, so uh… I can wrap up the third, stats, pretty easily:

Simple class.  Best to have someone who knows what’s up in your life if you’re taking it online.  Drott is hilarious.  Tests are multiple-choice.

Yeah.  So there.  Done.

Back to studying.

….Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that easy.  I totally bombed it.  But that’s okay, cuz only the highest grade of the two tests count, right?  Right!  So off to celebrate my 2 weeks of freedom.

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