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My vacation is wrapping up.

June 29, 2009

I still have a little over a week to go, but most of that will be on the road.  I haven’t done much reading–instead, I’ve been watching True Blood with my friend, and more swimming than I’ve done in one short period of time since I was about twelve.  The first and third eps of True Blood were okay, but the rest is awesome.  I’m glad I broke down and watched it.

Vampires really are getting to be over.  The adult generation who didn’t fall into Twilight fandom have looked into a mirror of vampire romanticism, and they’re sick of it and embarrassed by their past selves.  True Blood only takes their vampires half-seriously, and that’s probably the best way to take them.  The vampires romanticize THEMSELVES; some humans in the show (and the audience, hopefully) know better and find them over-the-top and silly.  But the show does a good job of portraying that–eventually.  (The first ep, not so much, although now I think we’re supposed to see vampires through Sookie’s eyes.)

As adults, I think it’s difficult to stay invested in vampires–when you’re young, the idea of living forever is completely different than the idea of living forever as an adult.  Either we know better than to want it, or we want it TOO much, especially as we watch our grandparents and then our parents die.

I’ve made the joke about veganism before, and how I can’t tell the difference anymore between meat-eating and blood-drinking, and there’s gotta be something to play with there.  Mostly, it humanizes the situation, which True Blood appears to be doing over time too–we’re looking at a society, not a bunch of inhuman bloodsuckers.  People who did not necessarily choose to become what they are, and removed from their lives into a completely alien environment.  There is a sense of childishness to the vampire society, which pleases me; I don’t want vampires to be revered anymore.  Their attitudes about humans don’t seem understandably lofty to me anymore, but no different from any group that thinks any other group is lesser by coincidence of birth–or, in this case, death.

I mean, really, the idea is this: you’re not okay unless you’ve transcended to ___.  Vampire, Christian (in Tara’s mother’s opinion, anyway), etc.  Or if you’ve transcended FROM–that is, human to vampire.  Not human anymore?  Not One of Us.

Anyway, we’re taking the kids to a “watering hole” to fulfill another requirement of our project, so I’ve got to go.  Good times.

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