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Historical fiction for the win!

July 6, 2009

So I’m reading this article about library education, and it says that Britain had three applicants the first year they gave out certificates of proficiency.  Only two of them got the the certificates.


I want a miniseries!  Preferably based off books written by Barbara Wood circa 1985.

The article I read yesterday was talking about how librarians with tattoos and/or who like to bellydance are self-conscious.  Ignoring for a moment that label could be given to about 99.989% of people I know…did they ever think maybe the egg came before the chicken?  That more people with these interests decided or–or were called–to librarianship?  Or that our permissive culture is more forgiving of (ugh, I hate this word but let’s call it) eclecticism in professional life?

I have three tattoos, by the way, none of which are covered by a skirt or a short-sleeved blouse.  (One on each inner wrist, one on my ankle.)  It seems to me that the quotes the author is using–her own viewpoint, by the way, is difficult to figure out, although I think she might be anti-tat–suggest that librarians are going out and getting tattoos to be cool or something, not that the tattoos came first.  Which is ridiculous.  Then it’s like “Don’t be boastful or insecure when you write articles or blog about perception of librarians.”  Uh…fuck you?  The idea is that we look MORE insecure when we boast.

Or, you know, WE’RE HAPPY ABOUT IT.  We’re proud to be librarians, and we want people to see us for, you know, US, and not some stereotype.

Hater.  That’s right, Deidre Dupre or whatever your name is, you’re a hater.  And I’m sad I couldn’t write “Deidre Dupre, kiss my academic ass” on my homework.

Anyway, I’m in West Virginia, getting some work done in a hotel outside of Clarksburg.  It’s so pretty here.  Too bad this is probably the most vegan-unfriendly place I’ve been yet.  Fortunately, the hotel staff went above and beyond to make sure that I could have my dairy-free breakfast.  Thank you, Gaby!  (Oh heck, or was it Gabi?  I’m still leaving her a nice comment, even if I can’t spell her name.)

Home tonight!  I’m so excited…to move. :/

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